Relion Prime troubles

Discussion in 'Feline Health - (The Main Forum)' started by srk4cats, Jan 17, 2018.

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  1. srk4cats

    srk4cats Well-Known Member

    Jan 19, 2017
    I posted in a thread about Relion, but it was a very long thread and the post went to the end. So here it is. I've been using it for a year now and replaced the battery about a month ago. Lately, it has just given me a blank screen after I get the blood drop, instead of that flashing hyphen. What do you think could be happening? Do they usually last only about a year? I did everything right and got a good sample of blood.
  2. Sharon14

    Sharon14 Well-Known Member

    Aug 16, 2015
    Mine has done that a few times, but not often. I figured maybe the strip wasn’t inserted right or maybe a bad one. I’m still using the same Prime I started with in Aug 2015. I have replaced the battery once and I did buy a backup prime just in case. They aren’t expensive, so I think if you’re having this problem regularly you should replace it.
  3. Larry and Kitties

    Larry and Kitties Well-Known Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    Call the manufacturer (phone number should be on the back of the meter) and explain your problem. Just do NOT say yo are using it for a cat.
    I called US Diagnostics, the manufacturer of my Easy Glucose Plus meter this monday since it was not always turning on and would turn off when I touched a strip (resulting in error)off, even with new batteries. The meter is about 5 years old. They are sending me a new meter.
  4. StephG

    StephG Well-Known Member

    Sep 8, 2016
    I have had this problem on and off. Sometimes it will time out of you take too long but I know for sure I didn't take too long. I replaced the battery and it stopped for a while but then it started to not read that I put blood on the strip. I bought a new one and kept the old as a back up in case something happens to the new one. I haven't tried calling the support number because I wasn't gentle on it, dropping it a few too many times.
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