Tips: How to get the most help on this site

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    Dec 18, 2008
    Tips: How to get the most help on this site.
    Posted by: Laura and Clark (GA)
    Date: August 15, 2005 05:30PM

    1. Be specific about what you need in the subject line. This will catch the attention of folks who can answer your question.
    2. If the question/discussion is related to your diabetic cat, it probably belongs on the "Health" board. This board gets the most traffic.
    3. If you're posting late at night (EST) and don't get sufficient answers, post another message in a new thread in the "morning."
    4. Use a "your name" that people can relate to as an actual name, not a bunch of letters or a code. The tradition/culture on this board recommends a name like this: "your name and cat's name." This helps folks who read and answer lots of messages to keep folks and cats straight.
    5. Include as much detailed information as you can in your post/request. Ask for copies of test results from your vet.
    6. Try to have an up-to-date profile.
    7. "Refresh" to check for replies. Make sure to keep checking back at your thread b/c valuable opinions or ideas might get posted late.
    8. Let people know you've read their responses by posting back to your thread.

    What happens if you don't follow these tips/ No biggie. You'll still get help, but following these guidelines might make things easier and more efficient for everyone.

    With my 2 cents,


    Clark (GA), 1989-2005, dx Feb '00; BCP PZI u40
    varying doses up to 2.8u
    HyperT dx and I131 '04
    Squamous cell carcinoma dx 12/04--He lived 5 more weeks.
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