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    Apr 15, 2015
    My baby girl Pumpkin was just diagnosed with diabetes. Her blood results was 361 (normal is up to 159). I had noticed that since I started her on glucosamine treats a few weeks ago she was starting to drink water and pee a TON more than usual so brought her in right away. She is around 14-15 years old. Of course, I stopped giving her glucosamine, since it states right on the package to not give a diabetic cat glucosamine. Her normal food is Royal Canin Renal LP 21-C as a preventative measure for her kidneys. Its dry food but I have always added water to it and made a "soup" for her (she eats it all within seconds!). Her kidneys checked out fine with the blood tests. My issue now is how do I control her diabetes AND protect her kidneys for the future? I know high protein will affect her kidneys, yet so will diabetes....she loves chicken, so my thoughts were to keep her on the Royal Canin Renal LP 21-C "soup" I make and add a small chunk of chicken breast meat to add quality protein to her diet....any thoughts/suggestions? Any miracle wet or dry food out there I need to know about? My vet is confident that with the right diet and exercise this can be controlled within 4-6 weeks. Pumpkin is an indoor cat and is very spoiled...I will stop giving her human food treats like french fries (she loves) and cheez-it crackers. Any help is greatly appreciated since I love my punk so very much. Thank You
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    Oct 6, 2010
    We use Dr Pierson's web site Cat Info as our nutrition "bible". You want low carb and low phosphorus foods. Read over her section on renal disease, too.

    I feed all of mine Friskies pates. If I needed both low carb and low phosphorus, one brand is Friskies Special Diet pates.

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