? Why wont he eat same at night as day?

Discussion in 'Lantus (Glargine) / Levemir (Detemir)' started by Darnell & Sprocket, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Darnell & Sprocket

    Darnell & Sprocket Member

    Mar 13, 2015
    Why? He eats in daytime with no issues then after pmps meal and shot he gives me issues with eating? He seems to want to eat less at night but he cant get different dose at night cause he doesn't want to eat at night so what do I do? And according to vet he usually is eating the proper amt of calories to lose weight/maintain weight for his frame. He ate 6 hrs ago so he should be hungry.
    And if he doesnt eat he will drop alot.
    Very frustrated. Want to sleep at night not all morning cause he wont eat.
    Help please
  2. Stacy & Asia

    Stacy & Asia Well-Known Member

    Oct 2, 2017
    Mostly just bumping this for you because it's not something I've had to deal with.

    The one thought I have is if he eats less at night, but will still eat some, can you try a higher carb food in the pm cycle only and see if it tides him over better? :bighug:
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  3. Sylvie

    Sylvie Member

    Sep 26, 2017
    why can't he get a different dose at night?? looking at his numbers, if he was my cat, i wouldn't have a problem giving at least half of his normal dose when he doesn't eat at pmps shot time for it doesn't look like his BG will drop low enough to worry about. i would leave his food out for him to eat overnight though.
  4. Sylvie

    Sylvie Member

    Sep 26, 2017
    oops, just notice this was for yesterday!
  5. Wendy&Neko

    Wendy&Neko Well-Known Member

    Feb 28, 2012
    Due to the Lantus depot, not a good idea. Often a cycle with a reduced dose will act the same as if the regular dose had been given, due to the depot. Maybe he needs higher carb food at night to prop the numbers up.

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