Yemala 2/3 mid-cycle bg 83

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  1. Hroswitha

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Yemala has been showing good and reliable numbers in the greens since remission. She threw off a 118 about 2 hours after eating this AM, but is down to 83 three hours later. No panic.

    She has, in the last two weeks, been exploring the prospect of illicit peeing. Her behavior around that time doesn't suggest that she has no control. She chooses where to pee - top of the dining room table has been hit twice, inside the habitat we use for the feral boys a couple of times, too. She waits until we are paying attention, then whizzes.

    Took her to a vet last week, and they diagnosed (without doing labs, as she had no pee to give) a UTI. She got convenia in the office, and three days later, had her last illicit pee (so far).

    I'm hoping this isn't something more serious, but the behavior stopped about a week ago. We still carry her downstairs to the kitty boxes from time to time, and if she has anything on board, she'll deign to go into a box. Where she lines up without squatting to pee out of the box and all over the floor, but at least it's not the table.

    She's also getting sub-q fluids every day or every other day for the early CKD. Taking potassium in her meals, eating low phosphate and low carb food, her appetite is good but her weight is lower than I would like though stable since October.

    This is just an update. I don't have any major concerns - her mobility is good (she ran up the steps from the basement last night after a kitty box visit), still jumps, eats really well, and is quite insistant on regular snuggles and pets. For a 19 year old, we're hopeful she's got some good time left.
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    Jun 25, 2018
    Oh wow... 19! I was going to recommend Cat Attract litter that solve our previous grey cat's LB problem, but ya know... 19. Good luck & congrats on a healthy 19 yaers.

    We had a 3-day run of insulin for our kitty after a steroid shot for a crazy puking/not eating incident, but everything seems back to normal now. Fingers crossed. Nice green numbers for the last 9 days. I stocked up on Zobaline and Arkray GlucoCard (strips for old Relion) so I'm prepared for another incident.

    Do you do the sub-q at home yourself??
  3. Hroswitha

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    Apr 11, 2011

    We do. Mala tolerates it, whines afterward about having a buffalo hump, and gets snuggles and treats.

    We now suspect that the little girl has lost enough of her vision that the steps to the basement are troublesome. We have set up a light that illuminates them better, but she would still rather be carried down.

    She was an empress in her last life, after all.

    So now, we're carrying her downstairs multiple times per day, waiting to see if she does anything, and she will use the boxes if she needs to. If we don't take her down, it's wee on the floor in front of the door where everyone will step in it and track it all over the house. The whole world, smelling like her pee. Just what she wants.

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