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  1. luz

    luz Member

    Dec 6, 2016
    I have a diabetic cat name Junior. He was diagnosed on 11/25/16. I immediately switched him to low carb wet food and his glucose level have been consistently normal. The main problem I am having is he doesnt like wet food to the point he has at times gone 24-48 hours without eating. I have tried numerous different food with no success. I also believe the constant change in food has cause him to become nauseas (i switch his food cold turkey because i was so concern about the diabetes i was worried his sugar level would rise. I know mistake on my part). I have tried Pepcid AC 10mg (1/4 of a pill) and its helped him. His lost quite a bit of weight and for right now my main goal is to get him to eat on a regular basis. Once this happens hopefully ill be able to attempt to switch him over to wet food with better luck but for right now the food that seems to be best for him is YA zero (dry food). I had concerns about the food and so i contacted the company to get further information because he was drinking alot of water (an yes i understand dry food will cause them to drink more water, but it seemed like a lot.) Below are the findings. Hope this is useful for someone out there.

    After contacting the YA food company this is what I was informed.

    Feeding guide: example for a 10 pound cat

    Day 1:
    Feed 1 cup of kibble in a 8 inch bowl (reason for this is because cats dont like their whiskers to touch there food and may be more hesitant to eat). In 24 hours measure the remaining food to be able to calculate how much they have actually ate.
    *I ask them why wouldnt I just measure how much food they need to consume so they wont over-eat. I was told this is the way for the cat to not over eat in one sitting. If he sees he only has a bit of kibbles he may try to eat all at once causing stomach ache because he may think he may not have food for a while. According to them 95% of cat will only eat what they need to. Especially because the food is high protein they will feel full and not overeat.*

    Day 2: Bowl should once again be filled to have 1 cup of kibbles. at 24 hours measure amount of food left. This way you can determine how much food he is consuming. Dont add more food untill bowl is empty (this may take 2 more days). From here on out once bowl is empty repeat with Day 1.

    Urine output:
    2-4 urine balls in 24 hours

    Water consumption: Its ok if they are drinking alot of water. As long as the urine output is as listed above.

    Poop smell: I was told that the stool in the begining may be soft and will smell very bad because their digestive track is getting use to a new food and different bacteria. It should go away in about 2 weeks as their stool hardens up again.

    Costumer service: NO machines. You get an actual person right away. Very nice and answered all my questions.
  2. luz

    luz Member

    Dec 6, 2016
    forgot to add that i was told its normal for them to graze on this food. They will eat a few kibbles walk away and come back.
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  3. Critter Mom

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    Jun 16, 2014
    Really helpful information, Luz. Thank you for sharing it. :)

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