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  1. Mark S.

    Mark S. New Member

    Aug 14, 2015
    This is a group that I didn't want to join BUT I am so glad that you're here. My name is Mark ... my dear friend Tom is my reason for joining this group. Tom isn't doing well at all ... but from what I understand I should post the rest of this message in the HEALTH forum which is where I will head next. I want to thank all of you in advance as I'm certain that you will help to save Tom's life.
  2. Cat Ma

    Cat Ma Well-Known Member

    May 21, 2015
    Hi Mark and Tom.

    Welcome to FDMB! How can we help you?
  3. BJM

    BJM Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2010
    Welcome to FDMB, the best place you never wanted to be.

    There are 4 things you'll need to manage your kitty's diabetes:
    - You - without your commitment, the following won't work.
    - Home blood glucose monitoring with an inexpensive human glucometer such as the WalMart Relion Confirm or Target Up and Up (the pet ones will break your budget!). This saves you the cost of going to the vet for curves and done regularly, removes the need for a fructosamine test.
    - Low carb over the counter canned or raw diet, such as many Friskies pates. See Cat Info for more info. If already on insulin, you must be home testing before changing the diet. Food changes should be gradual to avoid GI upsets - 20-25% different food each day until switched. There are 2 low carb, dry, over the counter foods in the US - Evo Cat and Kitten dry found at pet specialty stores and Young Again 0 Carb found online.
    - A long-lasting insulin such as ProZinc, Lantus, BCP PZI, or Levemir. No insulin lasts 24 hours in the cat, so giving it every 12 hours is optimal for control.
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