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  1. sun

    sun Member

    Mar 11, 2010

    siujim has diabetes and pancreatitis. and vet and friends suggested her to change her diet from chicken/fish to venison.
    may i ask is ziwipeak ok? i see there is chicory syrup...

    if this is not good, any recommendations?


    Venison - ‘Daily-Cat' Cuisine 400g/14oz

    A Natural Balanced ‘Real Meat' Diet - Made in New Zealand

    INGREDIENTS: Venison - Meat (min. 61.2%), Liver (min. 15%), Tripe, Heart and Kidney (min. 9.5%), Chicory Syrup, Green-lipped and Blue Mussel (min. 4%), Fish Oil, Lecithin, Kelp, Vitamins and Minerals. Naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols. Additives: Vit. D3, Vit. E, Copper. Calories 1794 KJ/100g.


    Protein (min.) 32% Ash (max.) 11%
    Fat (min.) 26% Fibre (max.) 0.5%
    Moisture (max.) 17%
  2. Mary & Stormy Blue

    Mary & Stormy Blue Member

    Dec 29, 2009
    According to the following link, Chicory Syrup does not affect BGL and it is, in fact, advocated for diabetics...
    http://www.healthcentral.com/diabetes/c ... weet-syrup

    Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is a herb and root that has been known for its curative benefits since the first century. Chicory is a member of the Asteracea family, which includes artichokes, calendula, dandelions, burdock and Jerusalem artichokes.

    Chicory root is one of the highest natural sources of inulin

    Inulin can be extracted from the root in a pure form and utilized as a food ingredient or the roots can be sliced and dried and mixed with other ingredients and utilized in foods.

    In our bodies Inulin readily “breaks down” into prebiotic molecules such as oligofructose ready to feed our “friendly flora”. So the ingestion of moderate amounts of inulin actually acts as a prebiotic that nourishes the beneficial bacteria in our digestive systems which, in turn, promotes a healthy digestive tract and improves overall health.

    Inulin supports the body's ability to absorb calcium , that helps build and maintain strong teeth and bones. Raftilin inulin and raftilose oligofructose are fibers extracted from chicory root inulin that cannot be digested by the small intestine. Instead, they are fermented by “friendly” bacteria in the large intestine, leading to the increased absorption of calcium and other minerals.

    Chicory Syrup (Inulin) has a mildly sweet taste, and is filling like starchy foods, but because it is not absorbed, it does not affect blood sugar levels. In my opinion, this is “Good News” for diabetics.

    Chicory Syrup is a product worth checking out at your health food store.

  3. sun

    sun Member

    Mar 11, 2010
    ziwipeak (carb%) -- venison canned food

    i checked further on the content.
    phosphorous levels is 1.86% in the canned food.
    is it ok if her blood test is 1.82 (normal range is 1 - 2.42) ?

    for carb content, this is the web site info,
    http://www.ziwipeak.com/nzl/faqs.shtml --

    As you know, we do not add carbohydrates specifically to our products.
    The carbohydrate levels are naturally present from the non meat
    product (chicory, kelp, parsley) raw ingredients and the levels based
    on calculation are as follows averaging out from the latest test
    averages (figures have been rounded):
    Canned Cat Cuisine Carbohydrates 1.5% and crude fat is 7.5%

    is that level of carb and fat acceptable for diabetes cats with pancreatitis?
    i hope her pancreatitis will be recovered soon with this new diet. and
    with the supplements (sam-e, vit e, coq10)

    and also this is quote from the fact sheet:

    Are there Carbs in ZiwiPeak?

    We have been approached by a lady who has a diabetic dog and wanted to
    know the carbohydrate content of our Cuisine Food in relation to
    percentage grams per our ZiwiPeak scoop.

    The ZiwiPeak team answers:

    Thanks for your enquiry. You may have seen from our website that
    ZiwiPeak pet food has been formulated by a team of animal nutrition
    experts as a pure meat product that is based on the balance that a
    hunting animal would eat in the wild.

    It has no grains, no preservatives, chemicals, colour, sugar or salt etc.

    At ZiwiPeak we combine our pure meat products plus other natural
    health ingredients plus vitamins and minerals which make ZiwiPeak
    pet food the very best you can buy on the world market. It is
    regarded as the only Ultra Premium brand.

    The cuisine comes in two forms, dried and moist. The carbohydrate
    level is how the animal would naturally get it's energy and again is
    carefully balanced, approx 8% in the dried 2% in the cans.

    The feeding guide on the packaging will give you the daily volume
    required based on the weight of your dog. I would only suggest that
    you work on the low side of this because it is based on an average
    range of dogs (who are not diabetic!).

    For the dried food, the carbohydrate levels would be approximately
    4.5g or 0.16oz per scoop.
    Good luck to you and your dogs as I am sure they will love ZiwiPeak.

    thanks a lot.
  4. Mary & Stormy Blue

    Mary & Stormy Blue Member

    Dec 29, 2009
    I am thinking that it *should* be okay to feed a diabetic with pancreas issues, but I am not 100% positive.
    I WOULD feed it to Stormy Blue who is a diet controlled diabetic with CRD if it were available here where I am.
    I feed Stormy Blue Evo 95% meats, (turkey and chicken, beef, and occasionally venison), and all are higher in
    fat content than the one you are looking at, and also about the same in carb content.

  5. Cheri and Louis

    Cheri and Louis New Member

    Mar 25, 2010
    It sounds quite good based on the ingredients And if 1.5% carbohydrate is right that is great. even if it is not calculated on a dry matter basis. Providing the moisture content is only 17% then that wouild still put the carb percent at 1.8. of dry matter.

    I confess I'm a little confused at these different percentages which when you add them up don't seem to come close to 100 there's still a several more points difference not just 1.5 . Yet it is not grains or potatoes or really sugary food that i would think would be high carb.

    If we had it in USA, I'd try feeding it to Louis though who is both diabetic and has chronic pancreatitis, twice has had episodes bad enough to wind up in the hospital , and has just started eating venison per the IM vet. He's getting Natures Variety, a combination of canned and raw. But I like the lower fat on this food you have
  6. Karen & Angus(GA)

    Karen & Angus(GA) Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    It is available in the USA. I can get the canned at my local natural pet foods store and both canned and dry are available from petfooddirect.com. It is very expensive (~$3.00 for a 6 oz. can). I fed some of the canned to Minou during her food trial as a break from the d/d venison. She liked it. She wouldn't touch the EVO 95% venison.
  7. sun

    sun Member

    Mar 11, 2010
    one thing really bad. i realize they do have mussels (seafood) in it... sign.
    i stopped giving siujim now.
    her BG jumps after taking those...

    i am looking for evo venison, but we don't have it here. friends in US will ship some canes to try first before we order from teh wholeseller, as no retails sells that in hk.

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