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Cushing’s Disease or hyperadrenocorticism, is an endocrine disorder; that is, it affects the hormonal regulation of the body.  In this condition, there is excessive production of the normal hormone cortisol, as the result of pituitary gland disorders (hypertrophy or enlargement and tumors) or adrenal gland tumors.  Almost all cats diagnosed with this condition are over six years of age


Fortunately, Cushing’s disease occurs fairly rarely in cats.  About 80% of cats with Cushing’s Disease develop diabetes but the reverse is not true. Hyperadrenocorticism can have most of the signs of diabetes, especially the increase in drinking and urinating.


There is treatment for the condition but results are inconsistent.  Currently, most cats diagnosed with Cushing will live a median of 2 years after diagnosis.


Last updated 12/04/2004

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