And so life goes on...and it doesn't

Chapter 32 - In Which there are so many rainbows

March 20, 2005

April 20, 2005

Patrick, my complicated, wonderful, beautiful baby brother committed suicide on January 1, 2006. He was 44 years old.

Sigfreid, our special Doberman buddy, died at age 9 in late January. Several days later, Blanco, my sister's dog and my favorite to spoil, died at age 10. The next day, my precious Riley died at age 22. Today, goofy, sweet, ancient Kelty, the Golden mix, has disappeared and is presumed to have gone somewhere to die in peace. We're still looking, though.

And it seems so many people who I've gotten to know through FDMB are sick.

Headaches, nausea, and depression have become my constant companions.

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