Jun 24, 2020
New Jersey

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    New Jersey
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    Hi There!
    Romeo and I are both novices to the world of Feline Diabetes.

    Romeo is a six-year old Domestic short hair Tabby Cat. He was rescued from the top of a partition in the middle of a eight lane highway when he was about 4-5 weeks old. He has been in my care ever since.

    Romeo's traumatic beginning made him a very nervous cat, but with a lot of love and affection he has developed into a very loving and trusting companion. He is clicker trained and playful. His latest diagnoses has made him sluggish, but we will overcome the challenge and adjust to this new normal.

    My name is Adriana. I was not at all prepared for the shock of Romeo's diabetic condition. I always fed him high end holistic, grain-free food in a combination feeding of what i thought was the best biologically appropriate feline nutrition brands...but here we are.

    Looking to share my experience and learn from this community (and our Vet) on how to properly care for Romeo's condition.

    Thanks all.


    Romeo| 6yr Neutered Male Tabby| Dx 6.23.2020| Veticilin 2units| ReliOn Premier| R.I.P 6.29.2020
    Romeo's Spreadsheet