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    Building Manager
    • Name of the insulin used: ProZinc
    • Are you hometesting? Yes
      • Relion - Just started on 5-25-20 Trying for twice a day 12 hour intnervals. Looking to do a curve the week of 5-25-20
    • Has kitty experienced any complications from diabetes? Common complications include:
      • Polyuria or PU (urinating a lot) - YES
      • Polydipsia or PD (drinking a lot) - YES
      • Ketosis (manifests as spilling ketones in the urine) - No
      • Diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA - NO
      • Neuropathy (nerve damage, usually manifests as difficulty walking on hind legs/feet) - YES
      • Nephropathy/CRF (kidney involvement) - NO
      • Others as described by your vet - None
    • Is kitty currently taking any other medications or supplements? Will put him on Zobaline for the Neuropathy the week of June 1, 2020
    • Does kitty have any health issues (current or in the past)? None
    • Has kitty ever taken corticosteroids? NO
      • Food: What are you currently feeding kitty?
      • Canned/wet low carb options? Have both Pate in Friskies and Fancy Feast. Made tranistion from Iams dry.
      • Dry low carb or dry high carb kibble? NO
      • Both wet and dry foods? NO
      • Other information:
        • Any information about your cat which is important, but hasn't been covered above
        • Do you have other pets you'd like to include/mention? One large Terrier Mix dog: Hoven
        • How about you? Work full time as a building manager in NYC. Husband who works as a construction manager at a hosptital in NYC. We travel a lot
        • Your general location. NYC area.


    Fuso, dx May 2020, ProZinc, Relion, Zobaline for Neurapathy, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...v-BgO1A6Iiv90R2GOuMH0vWW3BPTRzfjgt0rJ/pubhtml