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    dx 9/27/07 with DKA, hepatic lipidosis, and renal failure, BG 648. Other health problems have now resolved!

    OTJ as of 2/22/09, after 17 months on insulin!

    Insulin: Switched to Lantus from PZI on 4/15/08

    Hx of complications: Lucy was almost dead when she was diagnosed: DKA, lipidosis, kidney failure, neuropathy... It came on literally overnight - vet suspected pancreatitis but it was not officially diagnosed.

    Current health issues: None

    The only way I can describe Lucy is that she is a survivor and a real tough cookie. She was dumped at a high kill shelter at age 5 for not using the litter box. Let's see, a 5 year old cat with litter box problems in a high kill shelter - not looking good, is it? Siamese Cat Rescue Center to the rescue!!! The shelter called Siamese Rescue to see if we wanted this cat named "Precious." Our volunteer went out to evaluate her and fell in love. SCRC had no foster space available, but the volunteer offered to out-foster Precious for the shelter AND pay her medical expenses to get the UTI taken care of. She also had untreated metritis, which I understand is a retained placenta that was making her belly extremely painful - so Lucy had a kitty hysterectomy. This volunteer kept her for a month until she got into Rescue. Then she had about 3 months at her foster home, a few nasty bouts of hairballs, and a very shy demeanor.

    Then a funny thing happened. My other Siamese Rescue kitty, Bobbi, died of renal failure (that's not the funny part). A week later I agreed to transport some cats around for Siamese Rescue because I needed something productive to do to get my mind off Bobbi. I was dropping off another cat at a foster home, and there was Precious. I just couldn't get her out of my head, so a week later I went back to adopt her. I named her Lucy because she is slapstick comedy crazy like Lucille Ball. A week later she repaid me by going off her food. Even the vet thought it was another of her monster hairballs brewing - until she got much worse a few days later and bloodwork showed BG of over 600 and DKA and all kinds of other bad stuff. I guess she wanted to see if I really was going to be her mom forever. The really ironic part? The same foster mom happened to have a diabetic foster, Neville, who I had had a crush on since the day he came into Rescue. I seriously considered adopting Neville, but his foster mom and I talked at length and I decided I just wasn't in a position to deal with diabetes so soon after losing Bobbi. I guess Precious/Lucy knew that - she gave me almost 2 weeks to fall in love before she got sick!

    Jazzy (GA)
    dx in 2010 after she was returned to rescue for peeing inappropriately.

    Insulin: PZI when she was with the rescue. Switched to Lantus, then Levemir, with R when needed.

    Hx of complications: Acromegaly.

    Jazzy was technically a hospice foster kitty for Siamese Rescue. She was returned to Rescue at age 10 due to peeing on the furniture. The owner said he suspected she was diabetic, but his wife wouldn't let him take her to the vet. Husband loved Jazzy but traveled a lot, wife hated the cat, so husband took bravely took her back to rescue so she could get the care she needed.

    I am a regular volunteer for the rescue and had talked with them quite a bit about Jazzy. I had a feeling she was probably an acro cat. I offered to take her as a foster in May 2010. They readily agreed and transported her to me. We knew she was a hospice foster. There are always adopters who are willing to adopt older or medically involved cats, but the cat needs to have some kind of personality or charm to win them over. Jazzy literally had no self esteem and no personality. Poor thing. I wouldn't say she ever became a wonderful companion, but she did start to show some personality and spunk while she was here.

    After a while, Jazzy started peeing outside the box again and also having major diarrhea. Something was very wrong. She died of cardiac arrest during an abdominal ultrasound.

    Kris Kringle (GA)
    dx in 2013

    Insulin: PZI , then Levemir with R as needed.

    Hx of complications: None.

    KK was approximately 15 years old and partially blind when he wound up in a shelter as a stray. The shelter volunteers thought there was something extra special about him, and they begged Siamese Rescue to take him ASAP. The Siamese Rescue volunteers agreed that he deserved much better than to die in a shelter at Christmas. So, off to foster mom Joyce just before Christmas 2012. His foster mom had experience with feline diabetes, so it didn't take her long to realize that he needed a vet visit. He was diagnosed with diabetes on 1/2/13.

    KK came home to me that May. He is one of the most special cats I have ever had. Unfortunately, we soon learned that KK had cancer in his liver. His time with me was only 5.5 months. I soaked up every minute of that time. Never have I had a cat that made such a huge impact on me, let alone in such a short time. I do feel that he had a wonderful home for most of his life, and I'm glad that I could help him have a good last few months. I hope that he has gone to be reunited with his former family. One day we will meet again.


    Libby and Lucy (member since 2008)
    Spreadsheets: Lucy (PZI and Lantus) -- Jazzy (acromegaly) -- Kris Kringle (KK) (Levemir and R)