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May 30, 1982 (Age: 38)
albany, new york

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Mimis mom

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Aug 14, 2020 at 11:28 PM
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    May 30, 1982 (Age: 38)
    albany, new york
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    oct. 2019
    • My name is Rosa
    • Mimi is my diabetic cat- 10 years old female
    • 8/28/2019
    • Vetsulin at first, now Lantus (after being hospitalized for 5 days for DKA)
    • was home testing with Freestyle lite for humans, but after having some questionable results and finding out it tested 30 points lower against the Alphatrak at the vet, I decided to get an Alphatrak2
      • testing morning and night, sometimes in the middle of the day
      • Alphatrak2
    • Has kitty experienced any complications from diabetes? Common complications include:
      • Polyuria or PU (urinating a lot) YES- UPDATE as of 11/1/19, urinating has lessened- not such large urines, more normal sized.
      • Polydipsia or PD (drinking a lot) YES - UPDATE as of 11/1/19, she hasn't been drinking a lot, which means she's getting the moisture from her food which is what she always used to do!
      • Ketosis (manifests as spilling ketones in the urine) YES
      • Diabetic ketoacidosis or DKA YES- hospitalized 10/3/2019-10/7/2019
      • Neuropathy (nerve damage, usually manifests as difficulty walking on hind legs/feet) not sure- but vet thought she seemed neurologic the first day or two in ICU
      • Nephropathy/CRF (kidney involvement) don't know.
      • Others as described by your vet
    • Is kitty currently taking any other medications or supplements? she's currently taking Vetriscience UT support
    • Does kitty have any health issues (current or in the past)? Yes, back in April 2019, had a surgery for a struvite bladder stone.
    • Has kitty ever taken corticosteroids? NO
    • Food: What are you currently feeding kitty? Vital Essentials raw rabbit or turkey, or Daves canned Cats Meow Turkey formula, or his chicken and whitefish one. has always been twice a day, but trying to feed less a little more often
    • Other information:
    Mom of two cutie pie kittahsss.
    Mimi F10, and Batman M9.
    They are my everything. I’ve had them since they were little kitties and adopted them back when I lived in San Diego California!
    Mimi was recently diagnosed diabetic August 28th 2019. Earlier in the year she had a struvite bladder stone that required surgery. It’s been challenging so far getting her regulated. :(
    Batman is pretty healthy still.

    I started out feeding them canned in the morning and kibble at night for the first couple years of their life. I gave them Soulistic canned and Wellness dry. (Either chicken, salmon or tuna, never beef- I tried beef one time and they both hurled so it turned me off to it) Then I read Dr Piersons catinfo.org and learned all about how important wet food is, if you can’t switch them to raw.
    So I tried the raw- I used Natures Variety brand, and had great results with it!
    When they were about 4 and 3, I moved to NYC and it became challenging to get the raw back to my apartment in time, before it started thawing (this was the summer time)
    So I decided to make it easier on myself and stick with canned and use Natures Variety’s canned brand. I mainly did the pure protein one. Had kibble from them as a snack because sometimes (actually all the time)they would wake me in the middle of the night wanting something so I gave them kibble.
    I moved out of NYC to where I am now- in the suburbs of Albany New York. I had them on NV canned until I saw an Instagram add for a fresh cat food company called smalls for smalls. (This was September 2018)
    I decided to try it out for a while but after 6 months it just became too expensive, so I went back to the canned. One thing I noticed while they were on the smalls for smalls food was Mimi (the diabetic) hadn’t been peeing as much as she usually did. (I always knew which were hers and which were Batman’s. She always had large volume pees and Batman’s were always little tennis balls (I’m sure it was because of the way they pee- male to female)
    When I went back to the canned I saw an increase in the pee I was scooping.. very weird because it’s all “wet food”
    Then in April she started exhibiting signs of what I later found out was a bladder stone, and had to have it removed promptly. (Struvite. Are there any groups out there for feline UTI and bladder issues??)
    After brining her to a holistic vet I switched them back to raw, and added some supplements- mainly homeopathic to help keep her from forming crystals and keep her bladder “cool”
    Everything seemed to be ok- she was once overweight (15 lbs) and seemed to be slimming down which I equated to the change to Raw. All this time I want to add, Mimi and Bat still got kibble as a snack. I never took that away even with the change back to raw.
    I think Mimi might be more of a carboholic than Batman, because he never seemed to care much for dry.
    I also had about 3 different tablets to give her from the holistic vet and I purchased those Greenies pill pockets (Which I have since D/C because they are full of sugar!!!)
    I decided to weigh Mimi in the beginning of August and she was down to 11.6 lbs!? Wow- I think that was her goal!
    The following week I had this weird feeling she felt even skinnier and she weighed 10.4.. that’s a lot of weight to lose for a cat in a week! She also was extremely hungry so I thought she might have had a parasite!?
    I brought her in, the vet tested her and said she has a lot of glucose which could indicate diabetes but wanted to do a Fructosimine to be absolutely sure.
    It came back positive so I started her in 2 units of Vetsulin twice a day back in August 28th of 2019
    I purchased a freestyle meter so I could monitor her BS and the first test I did it showed 54 as a reading. This was also after 6 hours from receiving her 2 units of Vetsulin. I called the vet and she said let’s lower it to 1 and a half for the next month and if you can in that mean time do a glucose curve. I don’t think I did the curve right, I wasn’t on time for the readings. She always tested right before her shot around 240 something until a couple of weeks ago she started reading 150, or 170 and I got nervous about that score so I skipped a dose and tested in the morning . It was up to the 200s in the morning and I gave her the 1.5 units of Vetsulin.
    Bringing us to October third- she didn’t seem to eat her food that morning
    day (neither did Batman) so I figured they were being picky, and I left it out for them. Then that night neither one of them seemed interested once again. Batman ate some and Mimi none. About 3 in the morning I woke up having this sinking feeling something wasn’t right.
    Mimi still hadn’t touched her food and I googled “diabetic cat not eating” where it showed me DKA... I got nervous and took her to the ER vet to check her out and ease my mind.
    Once there they confirmed she was in fact DKA and they would need to hospitalize her.. after crying my eyes out, I trusted it would get better.
    During that first day she seemed ok. They also said she has pancreatitis and gallbladder “sludge”.
    Second day wasn’t so good. They told me she seemed neurologic, didn’t seem to “see well” and seemed very weak.
    The vet thought she might have had Either a stroke or swelling of the brain from being rehydrated. To me she seemed really out of it, depressed and weak. Blood work that morning did show very low potassium. I cried some more and went home to wait until my next visit I can have with her.
    Later that night the vet called me and told me she wasn’t sure she was going to make it. Her ketones weren’t dropping and it was going on almost 30 hours of inpatient. She also was not eating. I asked the vet what they were feeding her and they said “fancy feast” or baby food.. I thought well maybe I can bring her something I know she’ll eat? Some turkey slices and sardines, in which the vet said that was a good idea and welcomed it.
    As soon as I saw her she perked up
    And seemed interested in the crinkly bag I had the turkey slices in. She immediately tried taking some bites and seemed to have a hard time keeping it in her mouth. Then she inhaled the sardine! I held her and said “Mimi, it’s not that I want to leave you here- They kick me out baby. I would stay here all day and all night if they allowed me to.. that’s why you have to get better so you can come home!” And I made her all of these promises like putting up car shelves, keeping turkey slices on hand, etc.
    That entire night I didn’t sleep well because I was told I might have to think about putting her down if she’s not better my at least the morning.
    Until the vet called and said she had very good news- first time since she’s been in there she started off the call that way. She said “I don’t know what you said to her last night but she listened. I could have cried when I came into work this morning, she’s acting like a cat, and her ketones are reducing, along with everything else balancing. Also she didn’t seem at all neurologic anymore!
    After about 3 more days and a bill of almost 8000$, I got to take her home.
    That was 10/7/2019.
    Since then she’s had some dangerously low numbers, one was 39- But at the Nadar point, and then it started going up to right before the next dose, it was 335!? The following day I didn’t test her in the morning and right before her nighttime dose of 2 units Lantus- it was 34!?? I waited a second and tested again- and it was 43... she seemed to be acting fine and seemed hungry (I know her hungry meow when it’s getting close to dinner). I started to think my Freestyle human glucometer might be inaccurate, so I called the emergency vet and told them what was going on.
    They said to bring her in and we can test her on the Alphatrak and compare it to my Freestyle lite. They also wanted to make sure her vitals were ok.
    When we got there they said mine read 31 and theirs read 71... I brought her food and she fed her and waited some time and tested her again and it was up to 91.
    I was instructed to skip the insulin tonight and go from 2 units down to 1 and follow up with my regular vet.
    I posted on here about that and it was told to me to get syringes and measure a unit and a half because that’s too big of a decrease. (I have the Lantus pen)
    I also bought myself an alphatrak 2 so I can stop going nuts worrying if the one I have is accurate..
    I’ve also tried really hard to feed her a smaller meal more frequently, but until I get an automatic feeder I’ve fed her once at 8 am and again before I leave for work at 10:30. And then at night time I feed her some when I get home, wait a few hours and feed her some more..
    This is where I am currently at- 10/15/2019


    Rosa, Mimi 11, 10.6 (11.4 a/o 6/20) lbs dx 9/7/19; TR, Lantus; 1.75 a/o 8/11/20 31g 6mm, Frees lite mtr, digital caliper, DKA- hosptzed 10/3/2019-10/7/2019, 4/19 cystotomy, Zobaline since 1/15/2020, Vital Essential raw turkey,chicken,rabbit,dental cleaning 3/30/20(NO TEETH PULLED!)
    Mimi’s Spreadsheet
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