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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Goeril and my furry handsome friend is Panter. Panter is a 9 year old male. He has been living semi-wild for years until he came to us about two-three years ago. He loves to be outside chasing mice. He has a cat door so he basically does what he wants when he wants:) He has turned in to be a very friendly and easy going guy. Luckily, as it makes it easier to treat his new status as a diabetic. He was diagnosed last month, December 2. 2019. Took him to the vet as he started to get very skinny and was drinking a lot. His blood sugar level was up in 30. We started with insulin (Insulatard) 2’ - twice a day. After one and two weeks his BG was 25 both times. Raised insulin to 3' in the morning and 2' in the evening for two weeks. BG down to 24. Raised insulin to 3' + 3' for a bit more than a week. Down to 17. Then I learned to take BG at home - and that was a relief - and of course much more useful and accurate. Panter gets really stressed going to the vet. But he went up to 21 again. We raised the insulin to 4' + 3' - this is where we are right now. This is the history in short.

    Right now - I'm planning to make a BG curve. The vet say that they would recommend to do this in the clinic over 24 hours. But I had to refuse, first of all, I don't believe it would be beneficial as Panter would be really stressed, he wouldn't eat the same food and then I can't afford it either. And now we can take our own 'BG'. So this is where we're at. - so far I've not got it very detailed - first try on a curve was just 4 blood samples during yesterday - but I'm getting better in drawing blood - so it will improve.;)

    Again Im using Insulatard - 4' in the morning and 3' in the evening. I measure on Accu Check for humans. He gets mostly wet food (regular patee, not sauce (Purina Gold, Miamor, Animonda, Latz/Felix(well this one in gelé)(He doesn't like the diabetes wet food) - and some dry - but only Royal Canin diabetes. He is too skinny right now - this is of cause also a challenge. Otherwise he is in good shape and as far as we know he has always been healthy.

    I will try to list what I've done the two last days - sorry I'm not familiar with the different terms on things yet - I hope you'll understand what I'm trying to say:)

    7.30 - 13 h after last insulin - before food - BG 25.1 (strangely high)
    7.30 - insulin 4' + wet food
    13.30 - 6 hours after insulin - BG 15.3
    13.30 - wet food
    18.30 - insulin 3' + wet food
    20.30 - 2 h after ins - BG 18.3
    22.30 - 4 h after ins - BG 15.5
    00.00 - dry food 20 gram for the night (he has a feeder with timer - he also get some small nibbles timed during the day - mostly to train him to come home for meals and shots)

    7.30 - insulin 4' + wet food
    9.30 - 2 h after ins - BG 18.6
    12.30 - 5 h after ins - BG 13.8
    13.30 - wet food
    16.00 - 8 h after ins - BG 21.4
    18.00 - 10,5 h after ins - BG 23.8
    18.00 - insulin 3' + wet food (I normally wait to 18.30-19.30, but I shot it now because GB was so high...?)
    20.30 - 2 h after ins - BG 19.6
    22.30 - 4 h after ins - BG 17.8
    00.00 - dry food
    7.00 - 13 h after ins - BG...(to be updated when taken)
    7.00 - ins 4' + wet food

    I'm thinking - it looks a bit 'yo-yo' here doesn't it? My vet says insulin 4' + 3' is already high, so she don't think is a good idea to raise it at the moment... Should I adjust his meals somehow or do you have any suggestions? Any advice would be really appreciated!

    Thanks for reading this. I'm very happy to find this site. My former experience with groups similar as this has been amazing. I had a CDK kitty and got a lot of help from Tanyas Comprehensive guide. He lived 5 years with Hyperthyroid and three years with CDK. He turned 18 years old. So now it's Panters turn to get a bit extra help on his journey.

    Look forward to learn from this forum!

    Best regards, Goeril and Panter :)


    Goeril and my buddy Panter, 9 year male, semi-wild before he moved in with us 1,5 years ago. Norway. DX Dec. 2.-19. Prozinc with 100u syringe. Accu-check. Low carb wet food. Brother Flekken 3,5 years. Brother Pus, my soulmate, 18 y(d.2015, CKD 3y. and HyperTH 5y.). Panter's Spreadsheet.