? 01/26 MISSY PMPS 396, +3 297

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  1. Missy & Tammy

    Missy & Tammy Member

    Dec 8, 2020
    Missy has now dropped below 100 she is 97 at +5.5. I have given her a spoon of gravy MC 15% with a spoon of LC. It’s near her NADIR so don’t want to do too much. I know you’re all busy today so I’m going at this with what you’ve taught me this far. I hope I’m doing it right.

    I will test in 30 min.

    Good morning everyone,

    Looks like Missy might be clearing her bounce already.... is this what I am seeing?? I was wondering if she would be doing this which is why I thought I better continue to test every two hours instead of three.

    I think this is a good sign :)

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  2. Missy & Tammy

    Missy & Tammy Member

    Dec 8, 2020
    Just when I thought she may be trending low again she surprises me with a huge spike. She went from 133 at +6.75 to 394 at +9.75.

    I am clearly not understanding her cycles yet... very hard for me to predict. She's got 2 hours till PMPS I hope her BG doesn't go too high.

    Is this because of the lows the last few days and this morning? Was it something I did? I really just followed instructions that we did yesterday so she wouldn't keep dropping as she was below 100. She only had 1 tbs of MC with a bit of LC.

    Thanks for any advice :)
  3. Wendy&Neko

    Wendy&Neko Senior Member Moderator

    Feb 28, 2012
    Next time you see green, try a tsp or two of LC instead of MC. Especially if she's in that very safe zone of the 80's or 90's. A little bit of LC will often encourage them to surf, or hang out in the healing green zone. If she still keeps dropping a lot after that first green, then consider something higher carb. It could be just a higher LC, like 8-9%. If you give higher carb and she's past nadir, then you shorten duration and get those higher preshots.

    She could also be bouncing again. Or still. :rolleyes:
  4. Missy & Tammy

    Missy & Tammy Member

    Dec 8, 2020
    I will definitely make note of that. I did give her LC at +4 when she was 131 and she still dropped to 109 by +4.75. Thanks for the feedback. :)
  5. Missy & Tammy

    Missy & Tammy Member

    Dec 8, 2020
    Missy started PMPS at 396. At +3 she is 297. I will check her again at +6 and then call it a night if she's ok.
    Have a great night everyone! :)
  6. Bandit's Mom

    Bandit's Mom Well-Known Member

    Oct 18, 2019
    I think you can call it a night and not stay up for any more tests! :)
  7. thebigfuzz

    thebigfuzz Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2012
    Hi! I saw on FB that you are looking for vet recommendations.

    We take Cosmo to The Barn Door Vet in Coquitlam. Dr. Ina is wonderful and we have been following her to different clinics for years. This is her own practice now.

    She doesn’t think we need to test as often as we do, but she is fine with it. She is firm that home testing is necessary though. At each preshot and mid cycle test at least. Years ago, she had her own diabetic cat, so she is very familiar with the diabetic cat mama routine.
    She knows about FDMB and is fine with us getting our dosing advice from here and the protocol we are following.
    She does want Cosmo on diabetic wet food, but hasn’t pushed it.
    She loves our SS and I just email the google doc link every month to her.
    She has taken the time over the years showing us how to home test, give insulin, sub q fluids, enemas, etc.

    That being said, she is a very compassionate and dedicated vet. I think even @Wendy&Neko has said she had a few vets for different issues and sometimes they have to agree to disagree sometimes.

    When Elie was first diagnosed years ago (before we found FDMB) she would call us every day (at each preshot) to help us. We could call her anytime we were worried. Even still, she still does lots of phone consultations.
    She is pretty busy with her practice now, and we need less help these days, but she is someone I would recommend.
  8. Missy & Tammy

    Missy & Tammy Member

    Dec 8, 2020
    Oh thank you so much for taking the time to share all this great info. I am going to call your vet today. Maybe they will accept a new patient. That would be such a worry off my mind if I had a vet that I could actually trust.
    I would also be willing to take Missy to a specialist if need be but I don’t want to jump the gun just yet.

    I’ve read the comments on my post and it sounds like people have experienced the same thing, especially with diabetic kitties. I didn’t realize hairballs aren’t actually a normal thing for a cat or they shouldn’t be. Once in a while is normal but not 3-4 times a week. The one today being 7” kinda scared me too. It’s so big!!!

    I’ve also been thinking about taking Missy to an Internal Medicine Specialist but I think I need to find a vet first that can look at and interpret her tests. Also I believe you need a referral to go to a specialist.
    I’m going to try and get copies of all her test results and see if I can get into your vet right away.
    Thank you so much for your message and for offering this info. I really appreciate it. ♥️:)
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