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    Thought I'd check in and post an update on Biscuit. He has been "holding steady" at 0.1 u for a little over a month now. Last week he technically earned a reduction but as we're at 0.1 and the 45's were spread out over the entire month so we elected to stay where we are. He's really not ready to go OTJ yet. To be honest, I'm not sure how to help him move forward. I supposed it's good that we are at so low of a dose but his numbers often don't make much sense to me. Some days he'll have a nice run of greens, then for no reason I can see (Don't think I'm missing the lows unless they are occurring outside the normal first 6 hours - and that would be very unlike Biscuit) he jumps into the yellow for one or two readings.

    For now, we are just going along, hoping eventually he'll come on down to the greens consistently. We are already feeding him low carb - under 6% 4 times a day spaced out in the early part of his cycle - at AMPS, +4, PMPS and +4. If the +4 reading is low, we feed an 8-10% instead. Not sure there is anything further we can do but wait.

    If anyone sees anything on his spreadsheet that jumps out at you - please let me know. Otherwise we are just going to keep keeping on.
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    A couple suggestions. First, try adding a small +8 or +9 snack and see if it helps bring down the preshots. When cats are on very small doses, and close, but not quite ready for OTJ, that late snack can help kickstart the pancreas to bring down the numbers. If that doesn’t help, then you may need to increase the insulin dose a bit. You could try feeding higher % carb LC all the time, maybe something in the 8-9% carb range, in order to increase the dose.
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    I'm not too experienced, but what Wendy and Neko said about a +8 or +9 snack totally helped my Snickers get over the hump when are were at .1. We stayed at .1 a while then went to 1 drop, and today is our first offical remission day. I continue to do +8 or +9 snacks both AM and PM. I even set my alarm for it. It really helped us a lot. Good luck!

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