04/21 Kole amps 144 +2 126

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  1. Sandy.Cuthbert

    Sandy.Cuthbert Member

    Mar 19, 2023
    04/20- +9 176 +10 171
    Decided to go ahead and fed him his snack after his amps. Tested after he ate and it increased so I went ahead and gave him insulin. Now at +2 he has dropped. Also note I'm doing a curve today. Some changes in house with having to change my other cats to a different kibble because we can no longer get Dr elseys here in Canada. I do have a bag of Dr elseys left so I left it out last night and picked up the other kibble so he couldn't indulge because it raised his BG significantly. I'm hoping he doesn't Hypo today.
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  2. Diane Tyler's Mom

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    Sep 21, 2018
    Great AM cycle today :bighug::bighug::cat:

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