07/04 Leo, amps 336, +4=274, +5=237, pumps 394, +5=318

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  1. Leocat

    Leocat Member

    Jun 7, 2020

    Good day everyone and happy Saturday!

    looks like Leo is coming down a bit perhaps we are done with bouncing
    when he’s blood sugar is under 300 he pees less ...
    my new food ordered arrived but what I gave them to test so far is not a hit ... so picky Leo and his brother ... I took 5 brands of food all under 4% carbs and rotated with the other 2 Brands I have home hopefully they will eat..
    I assume the hot weather is making them eat a bit less too .. we have over 40 c .. we survive with ac ...

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  2. Sue and Luci

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    Nov 3, 2017
    WOW! A matched pair.

    I have found that same thing with many foods I've ordered for Luci and we always end up going back to Fancy Feast...yep, plain ole grocery store food. I've tried a variety of other foods and sometimes I'll buy one or two in the pet store, she seems like enjoy it, then I'll get a case...and she will not eat one bite! I think she knows I've just spent a lot of money on a lot of food...and therefore turns up her nose at it to annoy me. I dunno...

    I would suppose if your home is not air-conditioned that the heat may have an effect on their appetite. Our home is so Luci never really knows how hot it is outside so her appetite is undeterd by the weather.
  3. Leocat

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    Jun 7, 2020
    Hehe.. your story is very familiar.. same here when I order more they stop eating it like they did with fancy feast ... at first they licked their plates then they smell it and left it untouched ... so I took different brands to test and give diversity... today we tried one that’s supposed to be with rabbit and they seemed to like it ... and it’s not a full house ac just certain rooms have ac so they feel the difference as the move through the house ..

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