1/14 Dora AMPS 608 (!)

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    Apr 24, 2020
    Link to last thread https://felinediabetes.com/FDMB/threads/dora-amps-181-but-not-eating-well.241324/

    Hi all, need some advice.

    Dora ended up at the vet again two days ago after her initial visit where she received cerenia. Her blood tests were all normal (no urinalysis though) and her blood glucose was 375ish. She had a lot of gas though on X-ray and based on her loose smelly stools she was diagnosed with bacterial overgrowth and given a shot of penicillin. Yesterday she started on liquid metronidazole which has not been fun to administer for her or us.

    She still wasn’t eating well - I had to spike food with Dr. Elsey’s which raises her sugar - so I gave her a dose of transdermal mirtazapine. It worked but her ear got really red. I also put some fortiflora on her food and she loved it.

    Since I knew her sugar was high through this ordeal, I only subjected her to testing at preshot times. She seems much better this morning, ate and pooped and acted like herself BUT her sugar has never been so high.

    She ate Sheba chicken pate at 5:15, test was 7:15. Maybe that was a small part of it. I’m going to give her her insulin now.

    Question: what could have caused the spike? Could it have been the transdermal mirtazapine? The liquid metronidazole? The fortiflora? All of the above, and throw in some Dr. Elsey’s? I’m going to ask the vet for pill form metronidazole but what else should I do? Again, she seems ok. We will test her again later but I’m avoiding the left ear now and hoping I don’t need to use the right ear today, that she keeps eating on her own.

    One last thing: I have not been able to catch her peeing and she hasn’t been tested for ketones in a week or so. The vet said her bladder was too small and he wasn’t concerned that she was “ketonic” anyway.

    thank you! Shot time!

    Jane and D
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    Jul 27, 2020
    Hi Jane,

    I have no actual knowledge, but I have seen mentioned in manythreads that antibiotics raise BG. So perhaps that's what it is?
    I am glad she is feeling better, and hopefully BG will come down soon.
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