1/2 OT: Fundraiser to help Chris’s Family

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    May 30, 2010
    As some of you may know, Chris (Chris and China GA) suffered a horrific loss yesterday when her oldest son was killed in a tragic traffic accident. She has posted a fundraiser to help raise monies to bury her son.

    She has given tirelessly and selflessly here, and many have been the recipients of her generous time and nature. We ask that you consider repaying this if you can with a small donation toward a cause no mother should ever have to deal with. She has been a part of and helped within this community +7 years. Now is our chance to help her family.

    We also know that money is tight these days, so if a donation is not possible, please offer a prayer or good thought for Chris and her family at this incredibly difficult time. If you can spare anything at all, you can find the fundraiser on GoFundMe.

    Thank you all very much whether you’re contribution is monetary, prayers, or both.

    The Moderators and Robert, Webmaster.

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