11/14 Olive AMPS 118, 110+2, 105+3

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    Aug 22, 2020

    Olive's doing great. Hubby surprised me and took my alarm away and handled Olive all on his own this morning so I could sleep. What a nice way to begin the morning. He tested and fed her. I would have kept sleeping only Olive climbed into bed with me and tried to go under the covers. lol.

    Cindy has done well so far. No throw up this morning. Her teeth are the biggest issue. Every time she wants to eat she starts growling as she's trying to get the food down. She only takes so much of that before she calls it quits and that's when I step in to help her get down the remaining food in an attempt to keep her weight up. Bless her heart, she KNOWS I'm trying to help her, so she always comes back to me when I'm done and asks for a pet...her way of saying, "That hurt me, but thanks for filling my tummy cuz I was hungry." If it wasn't for her teeth, I doubt had this been 3 weeks ago, that we would have taken her to the vet at all because the symptoms of the Hyper T that stood out like a red flag then simply isn't present now. So this is why I'll be anxious to see what her lab results are for her T levels now. My gut tells me things are better. If they weren't, then I should still be seeing those old hyper T symptoms which I'm not.
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    Feb 19, 2012
    Nice of your DH to help out this morning. Olive is looking good. I'm glad Cindy is doing better today. Sending prayers.
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