6/13 Simmy AMPS 66; +3=71; +7=87

Discussion in 'Lantus / Basaglar (glargine) and Levemir (detemir)' started by Meesta Simmy, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Meesta Simmy

    Meesta Simmy Member

    Feb 14, 2019

    I think Simmy is finally back on track since the skipped morning shot on 6/10! Hoping to see nothing but greens moving forward. Is this when regulation is achieved?

    Thanks everyone for your continued support and I hope all of our kitties go into remission!

  2. Tracey&Jones (GA)

    Tracey&Jones (GA) Well-Known Member

    Dec 12, 2016
    If you can consistently get them into the normal range, that is regulation/tightly controlled. It is at this stage that the beta cells can be repaired. Then the hope becomes that the insulin needs become less as the pancreas is able to do it job again. Overtime...then remission.

    Simmy recovered very nicely, which tells me his body now knows what normal is again.

    High five to you Jim for taken such good care of him. Chin scratches for Simmy.
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  3. carfurby

    carfurby Well-Known Member

    Feb 19, 2012
    Simmy is looking good. :D:D:D
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  4. AmandaE

    AmandaE Well-Known Member

    Mar 18, 2019
    Go Simmy Go!!! :D:D:D
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  5. Sonia & Leo

    Sonia & Leo Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2018
    Nice Simmy!!! :D:D:D Keep it up!!!

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