6/29 Jonesy amps 320, stuck with 4.5u; 211@+7; pmps 328-4.5u; 228@+5

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    Sep 18, 2015
    Happy Monday (It IS Monday, yes?!) :D

    So I stuck with the 4.5u. I can't wrap my head around if he gives me a blue mid-nadir, that I I should be sticking with the dose? Isn't the goal to get his numbers down throughout the hours? Or if he is going into the blues for nadir regularly (which I know, I don't know . . . ) is that "safe enough" for him?

    Please know, I'm NOT questioning or challenging the process. I just don't understand. How, if he's so high most of the time (pinks and yellows) is that still healthy for him if he IS dipping into the blues?

    *stomping feet on ground having temper tantrum* LOL (One foot more gingerly than other ;) heehee)

    @Wendy&Neko Can you explain, in layman's terms? Again, I just can't wrap my head around it :confused:

    Totally off topic, as I can now get down to my basement, I'm sewing up a storm! I've always sewn "cat hammocks" for a couple of local rescues. One is a shelter that always has anywhere between 220-250 cats in their place. I'm constantly fighting with the shelter director (Lol) but we have this underlying respect for each other ;) As a LOT of the cats are housed in XXL dog crates, the hammocks make a huge difference for the space for the cat. So I'm sewing up a bunch of new ones for them. I know they get pretty beaten up. Not last year (due to my prepping to move) but the previous year I'd done up 50 "nicer" hammocks for them to sell at their Christmas Craft sale, then in the adoption center afterwards.

    The other rescue is a "one woman wrecking ball" who manages two feral colonies and takes in kittens. She uses the hammocks in her cages too.

    Here's hoping my 1950's sewing machine from my Mom can hold out for many more years! Ha!

    Have a great day all,

    Sunday http://www.felinediabetes.com/FDMB/...ncrease-to-4-75-for-pmps.231581/#post-2590151
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    May 24, 2018
    That's an amazing caring thing you're doing for the rescues!! Kudos to you!! :bighug:
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    Some reading for you: Should I Increase the Dose?
    And a quote from the SLGS method with parts highlighted:
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