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  1. Blaze and Paola

    Blaze and Paola Member

    Aug 29, 2020
    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick note to say hi!

    Blaze, Ash and I are doing well. Blaze is enjoying his remission and so am I! Ash has had a rough go with an ongoing upset tummy that required pills. He is all back to normal now thankfully.

    Blaze is eating but not as much as i would like him to. He is actually losing weight and I am a bit concerned about that.

    Just like I had shared a few weeks ago, he is eating the pates and not the DM diabetic food. Just the smell of it revolts him (i don't blame him). Once in a while I give him a few pieces of Dr. Elsey's when he won't eat any wet. I have been checking his BG levels once every 2 or 3 days and even when he has a tiny bit of dry he is still very low.

    I have not talked to the vet about him not eating as much because the vet still thinks he is eating the DM :)banghead:eek:_O) he was so adamant about it.

    I have noticed that once in a while he has little shivers...I did check the glucose when he does that and the levels are always fine.

    Other than this little issues we are ok.

    Work for me is ok too, very tiring and considering the numbers going up significantly lately, I am praying I don't have to teach hybrid after the winter break :arghh:.

    Anyhow, I have been checking the posts here and if I feel I can give some advice I do :)

    Miss you and sending you :bighug:, lots of them!!!

    The boys say hi too!

    Love always,

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  2. Red & Rover (GA)

    Red & Rover (GA) Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2016
    I've been thinking of you as I watch the numbers creep up the highway from the GTA.
    You might try low carb kitten wet food. Fancy Feast is one but I think you have to troll the aisles of pet food stores to get it. I've never seen in on grocery store shelves.
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  3. tiffmaxee

    tiffmaxee Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2013
    I’ve been thinking of you too and glad all is pretty good. I used the ff turkey when I got my kittens and he liked it. Sounds like Blaze needs more calories.
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  4. Blaze and Paola

    Blaze and Paola Member

    Aug 29, 2020
    The thing is, with Mr. Blaze, that he likes the ff! He loves the turkey, the fish and the new one that is avaliable now in Canada (grilled feast pate I think it is). But sometimes he plays "precious" and won't eat it. He does not look like he has nausea or anything, he is just stubborn, he has always been a picky eater since he was a kitten. Yes, he needs more calories...I hope we can find a breakthrough and he starts eating more.

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