Continuous glucose monitoring- any advice please?

Discussion in 'Prozinc / PZI' started by JennyB51, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. JennyB51

    JennyB51 Member

    Nov 16, 2020
    Does anyone have any experience of continuous glucose monitoring as this has been suggested to us by a specialist vet alongside xrays and a full urine tests as after nearly a year we have been unable to stabilise Tinkabelle and presents as resistant to both Caninsulin and Prozinc.
    I am concerned if this is just too invasive but no other suggestions are being given. We have looked carefully at her food and she still has high numbers every time we do curves and pre shots. Apologies I just can’t get my head around how to upload her numbers... usually range between 15-20 mmol (300-400mg/dl) of not higher
    Any advice would be appreciated
    Jenny xx
  2. Alana & Fatty

    Alana & Fatty Member

    Aug 30, 2020
    Hi Jenny,

    I don't have any experience with this (are you thinking about the Freestyle Libre?) but I am curious too and have considered it/am still considering it. Just commenting here to bump this post up and hopefully get some eyes on it :) ... or maybe you could post on the main health forum if you haven't already!

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  3. shadycat

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    Apr 19, 2012
    I have a Libre Freestyle on Ella and I love it! She is very difficult, almost impossible, to test so it has been invaluable in getting data. The first one we had only lasted a week though, it is supposed to last 2 weeks, then she had a new one put on that has been on about 9 days and still going, thankfully. It is easy to use, you scan it with your phone, and it gives you readings, graphs, averages. You do have to scan it at least every 8 hours to collect the data. As far as I know it is accurate. I know there is a little delay between blood glucose and when it shows up in the fluid that the libre measures (like if your cat went hypo, the monitor might not show it immediately), but to me that isn't a big deal.
  4. JennyB51

    JennyB51 Member

    Nov 16, 2020
    Many thanks for your reply.
    Tink is having it put on under sedation on the 12/7 fingers and paws crossed! She really doesn’t like to be handled so for the first time they are doing it this way. Please can I ask is it worth getting the monitor itself or just use the app? Have you any tips for keeping the sensor on or where they are best to put it? I have seen plasters etc just don’t really know what is best to use.
    Many thanks

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