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    Jan 17, 2020
    Hi all, new here.
    Khaleesi was diagnosed in November. She is currently on Purina DM dry and is now at 4 units of ProZinc every 12 hours. I've been doing curves every week and there has been virtually no improvement. Khaleesi is consistently in the high 300/mid 400 range. She has also lost over a 1.5lbs.

    After research, I have decided to switch her food to some very low carb wet food (Weruva), but I really could use some help on changing her diet and insulin dosing. Her vet said to keep her insulin the same even with the diet change. Vet is a friend and is definitely trying very hard to get Khaleesi to a good place, but vet is also a very new graduate and I think she may be ill informed.

    Should I lower her insulin when I switch her diet? Or will a diet change not make too much of a difference? I am definitely losing some hope that I will be able to get Khaleesi back to a good place. She has been miserable for months. TIA.
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    Are you testing blood glucose at home? If you change the diet gradually, while testing, then you'll be able to monitor the difference the food change is making and adjust accordingly. Testing is very important, especially if you're switching from dry to wet food, because that can make a huge difference in the levels. It's great that you're switching to wet food- it's much better for cats in general, but especially diabetic ones.

    You should go to the Health Links/FAQs section and read the stickies there- you'll find tons of information to help you get started. This sticky is especially helpful for starting out. It gives you details and links to updating your signature and starting a spreadsheet, both of which are the first things you will be asked for since they will give anyone trying to help you lots of information to go on.
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    P.s. People usually start in the Main Forum first. More people there to assist. Sometimes. Busy place this message board. And we are all volunteers. Please start a new thread in the Main Health forum. Not many people here and you will get more people to help you in the Main Health forum. You can copy your post from here to there.

    Hi the Dragonsmom and extra sweet kitty Khalessi. Would you be willing to share your first name with us?

    My best advice is to take it slow and easy. It takes time to get a cat regulated.

    So we can see what your home testing numbers are like, you need to set up a spreadsheet, like Amy and Socks mentioned. I don't know of anyone that would give you dosing advice without one. Nor should they.

    Think of the SS and the signature data as being like vet records. You wouldn't call up a vet that had never seen your cat before and knew some of the history to give you recommendations. Same for us here.

    If I could see that SS, than I might be able to suggest something. Without an SS, it would be like trying to drive a car with my eyes closed.

    Have you read some of the Sticky posts pinned to the top of this forum? Like this one

    Or this one?
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