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    May 30, 2010
    In consideration of COVID 19 and those among the group who might live alone or need help, it might be time to initiate an emergency contact list. I know we are all scared and worried. We are family here and want to be sure we are all safe and thus our kitties are safe.

    A couple of important things
    • Participation is voluntary and optional
    • Your privacy will be protected
    This list is only in case of a bona fide emergency, so that we know you and your kitty are safe if we have any reason to believe you may not be. We all respect members' decisions to leave the board or take a hiatus so this list is not to be used to track you down if you aren't posting. The list will neither be released to the group nor will the info be provided to another member just because they want to call you and chit-chat. Only moderators will have access to this list.

    If you choose to participate, please send the following information to me in a PM (please do not post it here or else your privacy is not protected). If you live outside the US, you are still more than welcome to participate. We have enough members that we should have several foreign languages covered:)
    • Your first and last name
    • Your kitty's name
    • Your full address including zip code
    • Your home and/or cell numbers
    • The name and phone number of an emergency contact (e.g. relative, friend, etc) near you in case we have no members near you that could check in if we are concerned there is an emergency
    Again....this is voluntary. Please stay home and stay safe and well.

    Please keep this post bumped. Thank you.

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