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    Jul 19, 2019
    The vet seems to think my 13 yr old cat has Cushing's. I took him in a little over a month ago, with what I expected to be hyperthyroid, only to find out his BG is on the high side (324 at the vet, low to mid 200s at home - I am working on diet change before we try insulin). His other bloodwork was normal, with the exception of one of the liver levels being a tad high, but still in the normal range. What symptoms did your cats present and what testing did you use to confirm diagnosis? If he does have cushing's, I want to start treating ASAP before his skin/fur get worse (we are currently super flaky and have thinning of the hair in different locations).
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    Jul 11, 2016
    Hello. My kitty Chloe had uncontrolled diabetes - her glucose went up to over 600! She also has weird colored plugs of hair, and also has black spots in her ears that look like they would wipe off but don't. She was tested at the Mississippi State University vet school hospital and has also been tested at the UGA vet hospital. They run a ACT stem test to see how the cortisol is handled in the body. There may be other tests as well, I am not sure.
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