Does Snicker still need insuline?

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  1. kimouette

    kimouette Member

    Feb 25, 2012
    Hi guys,

    I'm, once again, helping a fellow french speaker with her diabetic kitty. The cat has been on Caninsulin since January 18th. Eversince we put the him on a low carb high quality canned food (Terra Faelis Chicken/pumpkin), he's doing much better.
    Since the owner does not have a lot of experience with small dosage of insuline I asked her to not shoot if preshot is under 150. Looking at Snicker's spreadsheet, you will notice that all his tests results are now blue, so I am wondering if we should just put the insuline aside as long as he doesnt go over 150, or if we MUST make him reach green values to make sure the remission is "real".

    It's the first time that I help someone and cant quite figure out if the remission is occuring or not, so I would need your help on this one!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Kris & Teasel

    Kris & Teasel Well-Known Member

    Aug 17, 2016
    I would say that these numbers are a little too high to be called remission. I suggest you post out on the main health forum and ask for help. It's possible to give a very tiny dose - less than 0.5 u. You need assistance with this though. I have no experience in this area.
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