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    Sep 13, 2019
    Hi. I don't post a lot but read everything I can on here. I'm learning so much. I need advice please. D'Argo was diagnosed about 8 weeks ago and put on 2 units of Caninsulin. Took him to the vet for a curve 3 weeks later and the vet said his #'s were still on the high side, i think the lowest was 15.9, that meant absolutely nothing to me at the time. Was told to up the insulin to 2.5 and book for another curve in 2 months. He got so lethargic with that increase I put him down to 1.5 and started doing research and found this group. I have since gotten rid of kibble and have both cats on Friskies and Weruva bff and slowly upped the insulin back up to 2.5. I'm doing our 2nd at home curve and his numbers are the same as last weeks curve that was at 2 units. I have attached (I hope) our spreadsheet and welcome any and all advice. Also just did one last test but haven't added it to the spreadsheet. +3 and D'Argo is at 17.4.

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