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  1. Patty & Teal'c

    Patty & Teal'c Member

    Nov 8, 2019
    So since I've started testing I am finding the numbers confusing and scary to me. He started high at 507 this morning when I got home. Gave him his food and 30 mins later his shot. At +3 he was down to 295. Then at +5 only 2 hours later he was back up to 316 which I thought was a bit early to be climbing already. Then at +8 he is at 424 with 4 hours still left in this cycle. It looks as if we will be back over 500 by the time we get to the next shot. These numbers are worrying me. He has been on Prozinc for a month. Started at 2u just raised by vet to 2.5u Monday.

    I am lowering his dry food and raising his wet food at this time as well. Went to 1/3 cup of nutro indoor adult and 1/2 can of Fancy Feast Pate (chicken). Also gave another 1/2 can at mid way between the first shot and his next shot. Maybe I'm just worry too much.
  2. Ann & Scatcats

    Ann & Scatcats Well-Known Member

    Dec 31, 2009
    Yes, that's of course high numbers. And I know you want them to be better. But sometimes it is difficult to regulate. In the old days here we used to say The diabetes is managable but It's an endurance test.

    Keep monitoring and see what the food changes does.
  3. MrWorfMen's Mom

    MrWorfMen's Mom Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2015
    Patricia, the 295 and 316 are essentially the same so Teal'c actually surfed along in basically the same range for several hours which is good. While nadir is often between +4 and +7 with ProZinc, there are kitties who hit nadir earlier and some later. And each cat's nadir may not always occur at the same time. They like changing it up just to drive us crazy!

    It's quite possible Teal'c went lower last night or had a large drop in BG last night that set off some bouncing to that 507 this AM. Today he's dropped 200+ points in 3 hours and that will trigger a bounce so any higher number tonight will not be unexpected. As Teal'c gets more used to those lower BGs, the bouncing should ease off but it takes a while and each cat has their own timetable.

    That bouncing may also be related to when Teal'c is eating the dry food. Keep monitoring and moving toward the wet diet and I'm sure the numbers will improve.
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