First time under 90 on Novolin need advice for PM

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  1. Paula and Rocky

    Paula and Rocky Member

    May 30, 2020
    Rocky has been on quite a ride today I was advised to drop his shot from 1 to .75 could someone take a look at my spreadsheet and give me opinions. Thank you!! I am going to switch him off this hopefully soon, he has his 2 week vet visit tomorrow.
  2. Deb & Wink

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    Jan 31, 2013
    Rocky has earned a dose reduction of 0.25U. Please reduce the dose to NO MORE than 0.75U.

    Best insulins for cats are Prozinc, Lantus, Levemir.
    Please don't let your vet prescribe Vetsulin (aka Caninsulin), made for dogs and most cats do not do well on it.
    We have ways to save you money on the Lantus. Get the script from your vet and send it to Marks Marine Pharmacy. Info is here in this link: Ordering Lantus, Basaglar, or Levemir from Canadian pharmacies

    If you get a prescription for Prozinc, order it from, but your vet has to approve the script AFTER you have put your order in with Chewy and many vet clinics are horrible at following up with Chewy. Bug your vets office every day, to make sure they have done the prescription authorization.

    The Novolin insulin simply does not have the duration needed by a cat. Duration is 6-8 hours usually, and that is why you are seeing the nadir so early in the cycle, +3 to +4.
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  3. Paula and Rocky

    Paula and Rocky Member

    May 30, 2020
    Tomorrow will be Rocky's last visit with this vet. We really don't see eye to eye so I am researching for a new one. I think I gave Rocky .50 tonight I was a little confused by the lines on my U100 syringes. I gave him between the first line which doesn't seem to hold anything and the 3rd line. I have looked into the Canadian Pharmacy and that seems like a great option if new vet prescribes me Lantus. Thank you for answering me and looking at his SS.
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