? Help ! Adam is 80 @+6

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  1. Adam2020

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    Mar 31, 2020
    I am not used to him being low. I know this isnt really low either. I increased his Insulin on 2/9 and now hw dropped. I have him 2 units this morning which is reduced back to what he was nornally taking. This is the time he gets a snack. Do I feed regular foor or five a higher carb. I need to go to the store but can stay here if needed .
    Also do I keep him at 2 units which is where he originally was at ?
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  2. Shelley & Jess

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    Jan 23, 2020
    80 is a perfectly safe number for a +6. However, we don't know if he went lower earlier in the cycle and is on his way back up or still on his way down - without more testing we just don't know. Anytime you shoot a lower number than you're used to I strongly recommend getting a couple of tests in early in the cycle to keep Adam safe.

    Notice you started this thread in Main Health this morning:
    119 this Am Stalling should I change dosage ?

    Can't really comment on dosing without more mid cycle testing - anytime you can grab a test or two mid cycle will help fill in the blanks.

    From the Prozinc Dosing Sticky: "The goal is to learn how low the current dose is dropping kitty prior to making dose adjustments."

    Some of your preshots are pretty darn close to the recommended "Hold the Dose" guidelines if nadirs are between 90 to 149, makes me wonder how low he's going mid cycle.
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  3. JanetNJ

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    Jun 8, 2016
    80's a great number! It's what you want to see. You can give him a bit of his regular food.

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