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    Aug 30, 2020
    Hello you smart and experienced people,

    I had a previous thread here ( but am starting a new one ... hope that's okay.

    The long and the short is that Fatty (CKD, diabetes, pancreatitis) switched to a new high carb (Hill's, 40%) renal food January 18, having previously been regulated on a lower carb renal food (Royal Canin, 22%) on 1.0 U Prozinc BID. His numbers, not surprisingly, went through the roof.

    I've been transitioning him back to the Royal Canin since Tuesday. His numbers are looking way better so far, but now I don't know how much insulin to give him. I've read the dosing sticky and while he's above the 200 cut off for not giving a shot for new diagnoses (he's not newly diagnosed, but may as well be, as I didn't have much data until very recently and this new food mess made me realize how easy I had it before). Being on 2.5U and eating more of the lower carb food, I don't know how much to give him tonight. On this Royal Canin, he was so responsive to insulin so I don't want to overdose him, but when I tried to reduce his dose on the Hill's last week, he was HI for most of the day and I do not want that to happen either.

    Our spreadsheet is linked in my signature. Thank you!
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