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    Mar 15, 2021
    Could someone give me some help please. I'm new to the FMDB but am on the UK FD Support Group but it's late here, hence my post.

    Dose increase to 1.5 (from 1.25 units) this morning to reduce BG and kick ketones into touch. Spent most of the day between 12 and 15. Tonight, I've got readings of '31.3' and 'Hi'. We use a Gluco Navii meter, home test and Jess is now on 1.5 units.

    At +2 tonight, Jess got off the sofa, extremely wobbly, couldn't walk properly and did some odd grunting. I gave her 2ml of water from a syringe and she's eaten. I've just tested her and she's at 31.3 (first reading just read 'Hi'). Definitely didn't have a fur shot tonight. Possibly reacting to the recent lower BG levels? Ketones were at 0.6 at PMPS. Is there anything I can do as she's incredibly wobbly and drinking heaps. Do we just ride it out? Many thanks, Jenny

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