How Long do Vetsulin Vials Usually Last?

Discussion in 'Caninsulin / Vetsulin and N / NPH' started by megmonger, Jul 2, 2017.

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  1. megmonger

    megmonger Member

    Jun 10, 2017
    Meaning, not how long until you run out, but how long until it degrades and you start seeing a difference in numbers and have to swap to a new one? My vet had mentioned 1 month. I've perused the threads here and see folks referring to 2 and 3 months. To me the true measure of it is actual data showing that its effectiveness has changed, which home testing nicely informs. :) So, just curious what folks have experienced with Vetsulin?
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  2. JanetNJ

    JanetNJ Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2016
    I've used it up to 4 months with no weakness. I would say at LEAST three months. My vet said they are usually good 5 months of kept in the refrigerator.
  3. Monica & Josie

    Monica & Josie Member

    Apr 16, 2017
    I spoke to my vet last week about the subject when realised that our Caninsulin/ Vetsulin was almost 3 weeks over the recommended 28 days. She said that it was absolutely fine and she uses it to treat her own cats as well up til 3-4 months. It's just something standard that manufacturers came up with originally and never tested longer to amend the data.
    I bought a new vial as pet insurance pays for it anyway, new vial made no difference in BG readings whatsoever. Put old one in the back of fridge as a back up in case new vial gets dropped on kitchen floor and smashes again to save a trip to the emergency vet... :)
  4. Elizabeth and Bertie

    Elizabeth and Bertie Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2010
    My understanding is that the Vetsulin (Caninsulin) manufacturer only tested the insulin's potency for up to 42 days.
    In some parts of the world the official advice is to discard the insulin even sooner than that; but that's just because some countries' regulatory authorities do not allow product labels that permit the use of sterile products for more than 21 or 28 days after first opening.

    If you're hometesting you should hopefully notice if your insulin is starting to spark out. White 'floaties' in the insulin are also generally a clue that the insulin needs to be replaced.
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  5. AlphaCat

    AlphaCat Member

    May 9, 2017
    I just went through my first vial. It seemed to stop working at about the 5 week mark.
    I keep mine in the door of my fridge, I think I'm going to try the veggie drawer.
    Someone got 4-5 months! That's amazing! I hate tossing the remaining half vial...
  6. JL33GIRL

    JL33GIRL New Member

    Nov 11, 2017
    I just recently experienced this with my cat. The Vetsulin Website does indicate use within 45 days. My Leo started Vetsulin this pass Oct. 2017 and I had to replace a new vial on Jan. 2018 so for me it was about 3 mos before losing potency. He's numbers drastically went up again. I probably could of just increased he's dosage on the old vial but I didn't want to play around with he's dosing so just decided to start the new vial and he went back down to normal again. If it could last another mo or so would have been great but I guess each vial is different. I now know what to expect to determine when it's time to replace a new vial.
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