Hypoallergenic and Low-Carb foods?

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    Jan 3, 2021
    Hi! My cat is diabetic, and his ultrasound also shows inflammation in his small intestine, and he's had soft stool/diarrea for a while. He was also recently hospitalized with pancreatitis.
    Our vet says they don't know whether the bowel inflammation is due to IBD or lymphoma, and they won't know without a biopsy. Right now the cat is too weak to go through the biopsy (and it is very expensive too).

    We were thinking of trying to change his diet to hypoallergenic and see if that helps with his stool.

    Any recommendations of foods that are both hypoallergenic and suitable for diabetics?
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    Sep 6, 2010
    Hi, it really depends on what foods your kitty is intolerant or allergic too.... It can vary a lot....
    Common foods that kitties are intolerant or allergic to include; beef, chicken, fish (or just certain types of fish), soya, grains (wheat, maize/corn), eggs, milk.... Other things that can cause issues are substances such as carrageenan (possibly inflammatory).
    Kitties may be 'more likely' to tolerate 'novel proteins' such as rabbit, turkey, lamb, kangaroo, etc...

    My first diabetic had IBS/IBD (no definitive diagnosis). At first he could only eat the better quality canned foods. Then he became increasingly sensitive and couldn't tolerate anything with carrageenan. Then he could only tolerate raw foods, and novel proteins such as rabbit and turkey. He did great on raw. But...'every cat is different'....

    There is a list of low carb UK foods in my signature, some of which may well be available in Ireland. A few are specifically marked as being 'single protein' (in blue, in the first column) for those who want to either seek out or avoid certain proteins.
    Note; unless specified as a 'single protein food' do be aware that cat foods can contain proteins from a number of sources. In the more premium foods the ingredients will more likely be specified, but in the cheaper foods (general supermarket brands, etc) the protein could well come from quite a number of species, animal and fish.
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