Importance of using the correct syringe for the correct insulin!

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    Mar 28, 2021

    While this information may already be here (somewhere), we would like to share it with the community on the off chance that it is not. It's one of many sites that has been sent to our printer! LOL!

    It is VERY important you explain to your nurses the difference between the strengths, doses and the importance of getting the CORRECT syringe for the correct insulin. The Glargine, at 100 units per mil is 2.5 x stronger (and MUCH longer acting) then Caninsulin, at 40 units per ml. So going by the units on the syringe, you can hugely over or under dose a cat or whatever if the wrong syringe is used with the wrong insulin. It is easy to kill a cat if you use a Caninsulin SYRINGE to administer a GLARGINE INSULIN dose. Vet nurses are fabulous, but in general maths [Sic] is not their strong point, and in a rush, the syringes do look similar so mistakes are easy to make. Try to make sure it is as infrequent as possible. Fortunately, if the ensuing hypoglycaemia [Sic] is treated with lots of IV fluids with heaps of glucose in it, then the cats seem no worse for wear after one of these events.


    Hoping that you and your sugarcat(s) are having a wonderful day! We are so thankful to have found this amazing community.
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    If you are new to this don't even think about trying it.
    Years ago and long before I came here I was sent home with the "official" Caninsulin syringes. The gauge was too big, they looked like farm implements and Nigel would let out a little yip when I injected him. This is the same cat who eventually jumped up on the table for his injections. On my own I found some U100 1/3cc 30 gauge syringes, did the math and triple checked with my vet. Monoject doesn't make these syringes anymore, they belonged in a neonatal ward anyways.
    It can be done, somewhere here we have the conversion chart.
    The point is that while possible please don't attempt this unless you've run out of syringes on a long weekend, it just snowed 40 inches and you check here or with a vet first.
    Just bringing this up makes it look like I'm offering you an alternative but I'm in complete agreement with Sprkl, don't try and be clever at your cat's expense.
    I have a great vet who has trouble finding smart techs. One didn't know what a unit was and asked on the phone "How many lines on the needle is that?" :banghead: :coffee:
    The tech that "misplaced" Noah's ashes is long gone.
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    For each of the more commonly used insulins, there is an ISG (Insulin Support Group) that is devoted to those types of insulin. There are sticky notes at the top of the ISG. In those notes, there is basic information about the insulin and the syringes needed. The concentration of the insulin (a "U" number) needs to match the concentration of the syringe. Lantus and Humulin N/NPH are U100 insulins and you need a U100 syringe. Vetsulin/Caninsulin and Prozinc are U40 insulins and you need a U40 syringe. There is no such thing as a "Lantus syringe." If you ask for a Lantus syringe at a pharmacy, they may not know what you're asking for.
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    Sorry, not meaning to drag this out. My point should have simply been if the U40 / U100 conversion chart even exists anymore I fear a new member who was sent home uneducated will find it and treat it too lightly with disastrous results. My bringing the subject up shouldn't have to come with a warning but that won't change anytime soon.
    New members need to take some responsibility for self education and that's why someone went to the effort of putting up the stickies. I still have my old binder stuffed with Binky's info.

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