? In remission cat with raising BGLs switching to EzComplete premix...help!

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    May 14, 2020
    I usually post to the Lantus board but with Max in remission, I’m trying a post here!
    For those of you who switched to a raw (or lightly cooked) diet using Food Fur Life EZComplete premix, did you notice BGLs go up at all? Max has been in remission since Sept. and this is the second time I have tried to switch him over, but his spot checks are higher than usual for the second time. I know BGLs fluctuate during each cycle, but this just seems to be too coincidental.

    In December I made up small batches of both raw and cooked pre-ground turkey and pre-ground beef (my two prefer cooked). To transition them slowly, I mix the homemade with their Weruva foods. 12/9 I did a check and Max was 141 (AT read 209); fed and tested +3 he was 102 (AT 157); fed and tested +3 again he was 109 (AT 168). 12/20 did a check and he was 120.

    Fearing it was the food, I went back to feeding only his usual two Weruva foods and adding Miralax. I then tested him on 12/23 and he read 82 (he runs 82-88). I noted in my meter’s app that he was no longer constipated, so I thought maybe that was the issue. Kept feeding Weruva- 1/4 check was 85; 1/9 was 72 (AT read 156)- possible wonky read on my Contour meter, but hey, 72 is great.

    1/9- To try and rule out additives/high sodium in pre-ground meat, and picking only the same protein he’s been eating, I deboned, ground up, and lightly cooked (via Sous Vida) chicken thighs. The cats inhaled the first batch mixed with Weruva over a few days, so I decided to do a spot check yesterday afternoon and Max read 95 (no AT read). Made up a new batch today (labor of love) and did another check tonight before feeding him and he was 140! I mainly use the Contour but also have a Freestyle Freedom human meter (human version of the AT), so I tested the same blood drop and it read 129. Had just enough blood left to do an AT read- 198. Baring allowed variations, his reads are fairly similar/consistent, so I don’t think it’s a meter issue.

    The premix has had good results with many kitties in my CKD group (my reason for trying it as other cat has advanced kidney disease), but I don’t want to feed it at the expense of Max going out of remission! He’s not acting any differently, and with the Miralax he’s regular. Do I keep feeding the homemade food for a bit longer and keep testing, or is this just not a good mix for Max? Would mixing it with the Weruva be an issue? I have yet to feed him only the homemade food at every meal. Thanks, if you made it this far!!

    *just did a spot test and he’s back to 141 on the contour, ugh! Not change in behavior AND he LOVES the food, so I’m frustrated. I did find Max did better on insulin with 3-6% carbs- levels were just lower for some reason. Could zero carb food increase BGLs in some cats??

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