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    Slang Dictionary

    ~ Created by lynn and bear (ga) with a little help from her friends, circa 2008 ~

    This document was originally called the "Lantus Land Slang Dictionary".
    It's been updated and edited numerous times over the years from suggestions made by Lantus, Levemir, and Biosimilars ISG members.

    For a list of common abbreviations & definitions used throughout the FDMB see the FDMB Glossary.

    ABs - abbreviation for antibiotics
    AKA - also known as
    AMBG - morning blood glucose number when not on insulin
    AMPS - morning preshot number
    Abort the cycle - an attempt to stop the insulin's action by feeding high carb food

    BCS Dose - big chicken sh*t dose
    Bean - human: caretaker, companion (you)
    The Beach - when BGs are in the low 100s aka as "on shore"
    BG - Blood Glucose
    BIC - bean in charge
    BIPO - Big Insulin Poop Out; not generally seen with Lantus when getting close to an optium dose, but common with other faster acting insulins
    Blue number - BG number between 100-199
    BOS - Ballz of Steel is a humorous award given for shooting a green preshot number (greater than 50 mg/dL, but less than 100 mg/dL) for the first time
    Bounce - high BG numbers seen in response to a number lower than the body is used to; may last up to six cycles, sometimes more
    Bump (a post) - aka bumpnitude, bumpity, etc.; what threads (condos) do in L & L Land when a new post is added to them. The post will then move (bump) to the top of the page.
    Breffis - breakfast
    BTB - Back to Bed
    Bup or Bupe - Buprenorphine / Buprenex, pain med

    Cart - short for cartridge
    Cartridge – (Lantus or Levemir) 3 mL insulin pen refill which fits into an insulin pen, but can be used with or without the pen (no longer available in the USA)
    Caturday - Saturday, a day to hang out with cat
    C & S - Culture and Sensitivity test
    CG - Caregiver
    Chicken dust - ground up freeze dried chicken used as an enticement to get kitty to eat; sprinkle on kitty's food
    Civvie - non-diabetic kitty that lives in same household
    Condo - daily thread (one condo a day per cat in the L/L/B ISG), because a condo is where your cat lives every day
    Cone of shame - Elizabethan collar
    CP - chronic pancreatitis
    CPC - Clean plate club; when kitty eats all his/her meal.

    DBF - Dear boyfriend or Dear Best Friend
    DH - Dear (or anything else that begins with D) husband
    Depot - One's subcutaneous "spare tank" of insulin, which has yet to be used by the body
    DKA - diabetic ketoacidosis; a dangerous and often quickly fatal condition caused by low insulin levels combined with other systemic stresses (
    Dosecrease - a change in dose (can be either an increase or decrease)
    Double dip - when BG goes down a bit at end of cycle (after a clear nadir earlier, not the same as slidage)
    Drooler - dog
    Dx - diagnosis

    Ear Worm - tune in your head that you cannot get rid of no matter what you do
    ECID - Every Cat is Different
    ETA – Edited to Add

    Falls - refers to Niagara Falls - that longtime favorite honeymoon destination. Also, see honeymoon.
    Fat Dose - a slightly larger dose
    Five Ps - peeing, pooping, preening, playing, purring
    Floors (First, Second, etc) - Corresponds to the blood glucose level of the cat (first floor = 100's, second floor = 200's, etc)
    Fur shot - when not all of the insulin gets into the cat and instead lands on kitty's fur
    FWIW – For What It’s Worth

    GA - Guardian Angel or Gone Ahead - referring to a kitty (or anyone) that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge
    Green number - BG number under 100

    Handcuffs - frivolously given to caregivers requiring more patience at a certain dose
    HC - High carb canned food (usually 16 - 24% carbs, depending on the cat)
    Honeymoon (H*n*ym**n) - when a cat no longer requires insulin and is OTJ, it is commonly referred to as a honeymoon. No one knows how long the honeymoon will last, but many choose to try not to jinx it by not spelling it completely out.
    ((hugs)) - hugs
    Hx - medical history

    IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
    ISGs - Insulin Support Groups
    ITD - in the door; grab a BG test the minute you get home
    ITF – Itchy trigger finger; when the caregiver is becoming impatient and is considering a dose increase

    JMO – Just My Opinion
    Juice - Insulin

    Ketones - toxic acids that are the by-product of fat metabolism and build up in the bloodstream (
    KWIM? - know what I mean?

    the L's - refers to the long acting insulins Lantus and Levemir
    L & L Land - (now retired since adding Basaglar to our group) Lantus & Levemir Land aka the Lantus & Levemir Insulin Insulin Support Group
    Lagoon - kitty's in BG numbers under 100
    Lather, rinse, repeat - feed, test, post (repeat as often as needed to bring up a low number).
    LC - low carb aka reg canned food (usually 10% carbs or less, depending on the carb sensitivity of the cat)
    Lev - abbreviation commonly used for Levemir insulin
    Liquipoo - diarrhea
    Liver training school (LTS) - training a cat not to bounce from good numbers
    Liver training boot camp - for those cats that need more than school
    Loose Lips - A single daily thread for everyone to post off topic conversations/news. Anyone can start the thread. Everyone can post in it!

    MC – Medium carb food (usually 11 - 15% carbs, depending on the carb sensitivity of the cat)
    Mr. L - respectfully refers to kitty's liver
    Mr. P - respectfully refers to kitty's pancreas

    NDW aka New Dose Wonkiness - "Many cats will occasionally react to an increased dose with increased BGs - within the first 2 to 3 days after an increase, usually lasting for less than 24 hours. Nobody really knows what the reason for this phenomenon is (perhaps a "panicky liver"?) - hold the dose and ignore the fluctuations."
    Nadir – lowest point blood glucose reaches during an insulin cycle
    Nanners - catnip bananas
    Nappus - nap
    ni-ni - goodnight
    Normapoo - normal poop

    OP - Original poster (person who started the thread)
    OT - Off Topic
    OTD - refers to a BG test taken immediately prior to leaving the house
    OTJ - Off the Juice, in remission, diet controlled
    OTOH - On the other hand

    P-titis – Pancreatitis
    Patience Pants - Silly pants kindly given to those who need help exercising patience while waiting to determine what a certain dose is capable of doing
    Pen - (in the L & L ISG) a 3 mL Lantus Solostar Pen or a 3 mL Levemir FlexTouch Pen
    Pink number - BG numbers 300 - 399
    PJ Party - (Pajama) party to stay awake when kitty decides to go into low numbers at night
    PMPS - Evening/night time preshot number
    Poke - to test BG
    Pred - Prednisolone
    Prezzies - presents left in the litter box, also known as poop
    PS - preshot
    Puddingpoo - poop level between normapoo and liquipoo

    R - (Humulin Regular or Novolin Regular) a fast-acting insulin *usually* out of kitty's system within 4 - 6 hours. Sometimes used as a bolus insulin with Lantus or Levemir.
    Red number - BG numbers 400 - 499
    Reducie - a dose reduction
    Rx - prescription

    Shed - slang term for the insulin depot
    SHOOOOOOOOOOT! - get some insulin into that cat!
    Skeerd - scared
    Skinny Dose - a dose that is slightly less
    Sleepus - time for bed
    Slidage - when BG level goes down after +6 until PS
    Slurp - eat
    Slurpus - eat
    Snackus - snack; small amount of food
    Spot Cheek - spot check
    Squids - subcutaneous (sub-q) fluids
    SS - spreadsheet
    Surfing - when BG levels remains under 100 for most of the cycle
    Swimming with the sharks - BG numbers less than 50

    Tank - "be the tank" - just keep going (cause tanks always get where they are going)
    Tanya’s Site – A website geared toward CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) kitties that contains a lot of valuable info for any cat owner, and food charts.
    Trampoline - bouncing (mini tramopline - small bounce)
    TBP - Place of employment ("The Bad Place")
    Toof - tooth, teeth
    Toofus - tooth, teeth
    TOR - Touch of R (a very small amount of "Regular" insulin)
    Tx - treatment

    URI - upper respiratory infection
    UTI - urinary tract inflammation or urinary tract infection; a Culture & Sensitivity test must be done to determine if a urinary tract infection actually does exist

    Verramuch - very much
    Vines – Vibes (a typo that caught on); usually good wishes sent to someone who needs them

    WCR - whole cat report (your cat is not just about BG numbers)
    Wonky - blood glucose numbers that suddenly don't make sense; a series of wonky numbers means something has changed and needs to be addressed; a single wonky number usually isn't cause for worry.

    Yeller - yellow
    Yellow number - BG numbers 200 - 299

    Zoom - when BG numbers rise rapidly

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