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  1. Lisa dvm

    Lisa dvm Member

    Dec 28, 2009
    No doubt this has been hashed over many times here but I am still confused....

    I remember doing a search on this issue for my colleagues a few months back and read that the Lantus people (company) were catching on to the card being used for pets and that many people were no longer able to use it.

    But now I read that the card is being used to get $25 off per cartridge.

    Can someone give me the Reader's Digest version of this card?

    I remember the original card being "$25/cartridge"....not a $25 discount from the original price.

    I am SO confused.....

    I know about this link but isn't this the original card that can't be used for pets anymore? Not unless the pharmacist does not catch it?
  2. Meya14

    Meya14 Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2015
    I haven't tried to use the lantus coupon thing so I can't help with that, but I wanted to mention another savings option. AAA has a drug discount program if you are a member that covers pet meds as long as the vet has an NPI number. I'm still working out with my vet to use it (no NPI), but the pharmasist said it was probably 10-20% off and would likely include syringes and test strips as well with a Rx. Every little bit helps.
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