Lantus to be discontinued in Australia...don't panic!!

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    May 10, 2013

    The important stuff:

    You have two options for a replacement insulin, Optisulin or Semglee:
    • Optisulin is another brand of Insulin Glargine made by Sanofi. It is manufactured by the same processes. It has the same active and inactive components as Lantus. You will be able to replace Lantus with Optisulin at the same dose.
      • The pre-filled disposable pen device is very similar. You will notice a small change in colour and name of the pen device.
      • The Optisulin pen fill cartridges will fit into your existing reusable pen device. Always use the insulin pen device supplied by the insulin company manufacturer. Pens from other companies will be calibrated differently and may lead to over or under dosing. Optisulin can be used with AllStar, AllStar Pro, JuniorSTAR and ClikSTAR reusable pen devices. (1)
    • The other option is Semglee which the Therapeutic Goods Administration* (TGA) has agreed has “highly similar” efficacy and safety as Optisulin or Lantus. It is produced by Mylan and marketed in Australia by Alphapharm.
      • Semglee is available as a disposable prefilled pen. Your pharmacist can use your Lantus prescription to give you Semglee as long as the doctor indicated on the prescription you may do so.
      • You may use the same dose as you were using with Lantus.(2)
      • It is not available as refills for a reusable pen.
    • Optisulin and Semglee will cost you the same price. Both insulins are subsidised by the government. (3) The quality of both products has been assessed by the TGA*.
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    May 18, 2016
    I assume Lantus lost their lawsuits regarding patent protection.
    Thanks, Chris. Nice to see China's beautiful face on the boards. And you too, of course. Hope you are keeping well and staying snug.
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    Dec 11, 2016
    Thank you Chris:bighug::bighug::bighug:
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    Oh wow!!! I had no idea, thanks so much for the info Chris (and hello). Now that I'm using Grem's Lantus faster, I'll probably need a script refill before long.
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