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  1. Katsallday

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    May 16, 2021
    Lately tuna has been giving me hell at pre-shot times. About half the time he'll be under or at exactly 200. I'm so scared to shoot under 200 and I think I need to learn to get over that fear and learn how to dose out a token shot because he does rise later in the cycle. If you check his spreadsheet you'll see the multiple times I've elected to NS instead of token because I'm scared and I also know that shooting under 200 for a diabetes newbie could be dangerous and I am still a newbie. You can also see from his spreadsheet that I am crazy about BG testing. The only times that I don't test consistently at least every other hour is when I'm asleep and I can't be roused by my alarm. I think I have a good amount of data at this point to try to predict what will happen if I give a token dose but I really need someone else's opinion on this. For the first time since Tuna was diagnosed I saw him in the 500s this morning and I am not happy about that. I don't know if it was a crazy bounce or from all the no shots that I've been doing but from what I understand about insulin it should be out of his system by now. why I'm pushing 103 at +10 doesn't make sense to me. Any ideas?
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    Jun 8, 2016
    Hi.... I answered on your other thread. I would suggest trying 0.25 for both shots and see if it evens out more so you have two shootable numbers.
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    Aug 19, 2020
    Hey there! When I was learning to shoot Dixie lower than 200, I started with no-shot for the first few times, then moved to a token dose, then 0.25u, 0.50u, and so on until I was giving her a full 1.0u of ProZinc.

    I know it might seem like hell when Tuna is under 200 at pre-shot time, but that is actually a good thing! We want his levels to come down overall and it looks like they are starting to.

    It is definitely tough at the start when the no-shoot value is set at 200. I had a mental block about that, thinking that I needed to get some perfect curve where all the mid-cycle was green and then the PS value was 200, but, in reality, that just does not happen! When those mid-cycle BG values start to come down, the preshot values will follow.

    Just make sure you take some precautions when shooting lower for the first few times. Make sure you have a hypo-kit ready that includes corn syrup as well as some medium carb and high carb tasty foods that he will eat. Then, suppose he is at 180 and you know that you will be around/awake to test him. Then you can give your full 0.25u or maybe a token dose. Get tests and see how he does. Then the next time, maybe you definitely give the 0.25u and get tests in. Then maybe you begin to feel confident at 180 being your lowest shoot value and then you keep getting lower and lower!

    You are getting a lot of great tests in! Another thing to keep in mind is that these ProZinc guidelines are also for people that just get a couple of mid-cycle tests a day, so they will be extra cautious. Since you are able to monitor Tuna so closely, you have more freedom to lower his no-shoot value.

    I've got Dixie on Lantus right now, but you can see this week I have consistently given her usual dose when her PS values were in the 76-149 range. I also have a lot of ProZinc data where I shot well below 200 (and sometimes in the greens if I was lucky!)

    I was stressed like you when I first started seeing these lower values, but it got so much better! This week, I gave a full dose when Dixie was 76 because I was prepared and would be home all day. She ended up reaching 50 (with no symptoms), so I followed the hypo guidelines, gave her a spoon of some medium carb food she loves, and then it brought her up to 76 around 30 mins later. I was not stressed at all during this because I have prior experience, have the tools to deal with it, and know where to get the info I need. So just keep in mind that this whole process will get a lot better for you as you get more confident with the insulin dosing :bighug:
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    Jun 8, 2016
    I'm loving these numbers

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