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    Dec 12, 2019
    This morning when I was about to give RODNEY his shot. We heard the girl cat outside fighting with. . RODNEY was up on loft (up top with me). When he heard Lucille (the girl cat outside) scream he ran to front window. I opened the door to run the other cat off. RODNEY jumped on my face and started scratching me. I knocked him off of my head. He jumped on my leg. I got him off of me and ran 2 My neighbors house. Thats where I am now. I called the vet. Left message. He had seen RODNEY on the 14th. Diabetes out of remission. BG 494. STARTED BACK ON 3 UNITS VETSULIN. Went back on 18th. BG was 306. He had really only been getting 1 shot per day because he won't let give them 2 him. st the kid called. Anyway I asked how much he would] charge 2 come get him. He said we don't normally do that. I told him. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. So he said let him get some things done. He will call me and come get him. Sedate him and put him 2 sleep.


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    That's called redirected aggression. He was upset by the cat fight, couldn't get to the source of the stress and attacked the closest thing to him...which happened to be you. It looks as though he's not long back on insulin, so he may be feeling weak and more stressed by this sort of situation than he would be otherwise too. This is normal cat behavior under stress and he does NOT need to be euthanized for this. At least try to rehome him to someone who will work with him rather than putting him to sleep. See if Diabetic Cats in Need can help you rehome him. @Chris & China (GA) can you help Angela get in touch with someone at DCIN who can help save this cat?
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    Please dont put him to sleep .. he was probably stressed.. if I had a dollar for every time my cat attacked and bit me over the past 7 years I would buy a Ferrari.. He was just DX with diabetes in Nov... he gets aggressive at times when my other inside cat aggravates him or he hears the outside cats I have being aggressive towards each other or when a new feral shows up.. as manxcat1419 said its just redirected being his fight or flight instincts kicked in and sadly you were the nearest thing to him. please look into re-homing him rather than put him to sleep if he is not a fully all the time aggressive cat and his health issues are not so severe putting him to sleep because of an isolated incident it not fair to him:(
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