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    Oct 14, 2020
    hi Everyone. I am a foreigner, and my English is not very good. Forgive me

    My cats(two of them) used to have diabetes. and recovered in a month. So now I'm helping a lot of friends'cats regulate their insulin doses. We used insulin Glargine, but the effect is not good. blood glucose is between 3. to 27+mmol/L(50-480+) So we recently started switching to insulins Tresiba(Degludec). We have three diabetic cats and one dog, At first we tried to use the dose of insulin glargine(0.2-0.3u/kg), But the effect lasts only 12 to 14 hours, it can't last much longer…At this time the doctor of my cats sent me a Japanese research which article is EFFECT OF INSULIN DEGLUDEC IN CATS by HitomiOda,AkihiroMori,ToshinoriSako, I read that, then I realized the dose I gave them was too low. So we increased the dose to 0.75 units per kilogram for cats, then we saw the effect of Tresiba, which lasts for 24 hours, before the second injection, the blood sugar was only 11mmol/L. The dose needed for dogs seems to be much more than for cats, 6:00pm we gave the dog its first dose of insulin Tresiba(0.75/kg), The dog weighs 8 kilograms, so we gave him 6 units. Two hours later, we found that the blood sugar had not dropped, so we give him two more units. But at 11:00pm the blood sugar still did not drop, So we added 4 more units. The total is 12 units of insulin Tresiba. After 24 hours, the blood sugar was 23.2 (in the pic. the owner set the date wrong, so the date you see is August) Than we still gave him 12 units at second day, now we find the data is getting better and better day by day(Before the injection, blood glucose is DAY2 23.2\DAY3 20.9\DAY4 17.6), Thanks to the man who invented Tresiba! I will continue to update the data later Including cats' and dogs', Hoping more people will see it and start using insulin Tresiba
    Sorry, I'm not very good at using forms.


    dog d1-4
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    Nov 3, 2017
    Hello again Karen! I unfortunately have no experience whatsoever in insulin and cannot advise or help you in any way with that. Perhaps there is a Facebook group for diabetic dogs??

    I do know one thing about Tresiba - it is a depot insulin - meaning it will build up a reserve in the tissue and when it's gotten enough will carry the blood glucose at lower numbers for a while. Under no circumstances would I ever recommend shooting a depot style insulin repeatedly until the blood glucose numbers are lower. That sort of shooting is best used in short-acting insulins like Caninsulin or Prozinc - and I am not familiar enough with those insulins to even advise about that - I know that Novalin and R are considered fast acting insulins and in some cases you might want to shoot again with a short amount of time to manage blood glucose.

    Never ever shoot a depot style insulin like Lantus, Levimer or Tresiba based on a pre-shot number - or a test prior to at least a 12 hour span. The depot is building and a full depot can result in a disastrous impact should you add more insulin to it.

    Without a spreadsheet for your cat - so that I can evaluate the blood glucose numbers throughout the day and prior to injections I cannot advise you further.

    Are you able to get the spreadsheet added to your comment here like the one @Chris & China (GA) offered to help you with the other day?

    Your kitty is adorable in his photo! Is that Sun? Precious baby! We want to help you...please post your Spreadsheet...let us know if you need more help with that.
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    Oct 14, 2020
    hi. Thank you for your advice. I'm learning to make a spreadsheet. We have put freestyle libre for every cat and dog, in order to control blood glucose. I posted a picture of that. There are 8 diabetic cats and one dog in our group. cause treating pet diabetes is really a very new and difficult thing for our doctors here, they have few experience, so we decided to control blood glucose by ourselves. Fortunately we have insulin Tresiba. Even though we're not familiar with this insulin, But so far, it seems to be much better than other insulins.
    And yes, the picture is one of my cats, I have 9 cats, most of them are over 12 years old.I hope they stay healthy^_^
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