Newer Diagnosis, Concern With Dosing

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    Apr 9, 2020
    Hello, I'm Victoria. I'm relatively new and have been researching and just posted with some questions. I posted over in the main forum ( and multiple people told me the dose my cat is prescribed is really high.

    I don't have my signature set up and I haven't started glucose monitoring at home yet (I have the supplies being shipped, they'll be here Saturday). My cat, Trick, was diagnosed in January and had a pretty high glucose reading (over 600, the vet didn't tell me the exact number). The vet put my cat on two units of vetsulin twice a day. He had two more glucose curving appointments multiple weeks apart and went up two units each time. The vet told me his peak was below 600 so there is improvement but is still high (between 500-600 each time).

    Currently Trick is on 6 units of vetsulin twice a day. There was a stall between glucose curving appointments because he had stomach ulcers and threw up blood, and we are due for a vet visit but are holding off right now while the pandemic situation calms down a little. He eats Weruva B.F.F. canned food and Blue buffalo Wilderness canned food, and Redford dry food (I will be transition to canned only soon)

    Does anyone have any insight with this dosing? Should I cut back until I get the supplies to test his glucose on Saturday and come back?

    Thank you!
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    Look for my answers and questions over in your thread in the Feline Health forum please.
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