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    Nov 21, 2022
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    Feb 28, 2012
    There is a phenomenon we affectionately call New Dose Wonkiness, that can happen in the first few cycles after an increase. We don't know what causes it (maybe depot rebalancing?) but it can cause temporary higher numbers. You are in cycle 4 of this dose now, so NDW should be over and you should get better numbers. I see a big drop to +2 tonight, looks like he's on the move down. Any chance of a test later tonight? I would keep on this dose for at least six cycles, and then reevaluate it.

    Don't be afraid of bounces. Bounces are a sign that the insulin is working and taking his body to blood sugar values he's not used to yet and almost universally something that relatively newly diagnosed cats do, even some not so new. We want him to get used to normal BG values, and he will only do that by spending time in normal blood sugars. Besides, we decide how to change the dose based on how low the dose takes the cat. Try to ignore the highs from the bounces. They will eventually go away as he sees more time in good numbers.
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    Nov 21, 2022

    Thank you so much for this explanation.
    Yea I just took another bg now after plus 6 and he is 7.1 .
    Pretty good . :)
    I fed him a bit now
    Back to bed for me

    I will hold the dose for 6 cycle and then double check again with you about arranging or staying with same dose
    Thanks I really appreciate

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