Odd question about testing strips...or am I over thinking..

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  1. Ummlee and Vengeance

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    Nov 25, 2020
    Ok soo this is the weird question.. can a batch of strips give higher #'s .. if you look at Venges spreadsheet his #s have been stayin in the 70s's and 80s.. I believe hes in remission I have not had to give him any insulin for 22 days now.. I am still of course keeping up with his #'s thou the late night ( my AMPS BG is at 12:30PM being I dont sleep well at night) for the past week or so I have not been bothering him during the PMPS(my 12:30am till 12:30pm) just to give him a rest. I did do a daytime curve on him on the 18th and on the 11th an almost 24 hr curve..

    the numbers from the last 100 tests till +2 on 12/27 when it was a 88 after 2 hours before it being a 70 at PMPS (I feed him at 12:30am,6:30am,12:30pm,6:30pm) now all the numbers since the new box of strips have seem to be higher BUT.. I decided just now (I am doing a semi curve on him last night and today) his +5 using a strip from the new tube ( I buy the 100 strip box of Relion which has 2 tubes of 50 each) the first test was 91 using the tube that had given the higher than what I had been seeing from him for the past weeks last night.. then I took a strip out of the 2nd tube in the 100 strip box and it tested an 82.. yes I know these are all really good numbers but it makes me wonder if the first tube batch is reading higher... being I got 2 diff readings from 2 strips same blood... maybe over thinking it all.. just watching out to see if his numbers are rising back up being they had been staying under 90 for the most part..

    UmmLee and Vengeance
  2. Larry and Kitties

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Yes. This is because there is some variability between batches (called losts) of strip.
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  3. Ummlee and Vengeance

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    Nov 25, 2020
    Thanks thats what I was wondering.. the tubes in this box do have the same control solution range and batch #s but I guess it can go from strip to strip being number were diff from the 2 diff tubes and from the same prick..
    I do know that the last tube had a slightly lower control batch testing # I had been keeping up with it but I have gone thru a bunch of tubes forgot when one it was...
  4. Chris & China (GA)

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    May 10, 2013
    Yes, you're overthinking it.

    Personal blood glucose meters are only required to measure within 20% high or low to what you'd get on professional lab equipment. Even testing the same drop of blood at the same time can give you different results. 91 and 82 are basically the same number.

    Don't worry, be happy!

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