OTJ for One Year this February of 2021

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    Feb 22, 2020
    Marly has been OTJ after a short time on insulin a year ago. In July, I had a scare because this 12 year old became extremely lethargic, stopped eating, and developed hyperglycaemia. Luckily he was diagnosed with feline herpes rhinotrachietis (FVR)- like our colds that sock us in bed for a few days with zapped energy.
    I had not tested in months, so checked today and it was normal limits, and it made me think of all the stresses, worry, planning, and caring it took a year ago. Going back to this platform it reminded me that many have had this challenge to manage for many years.
    Marley’s easy remission was due to a change from kibble to puréed canned food, and a little weight loss, but not much. I got an auto feeder if I am away 24 hours which is. Ow really never with the pandemic!
    I freeze the mix of 4-5 cans friskies pate with one can water. Cat mate C500 for around $90 Canadian.

    With no travel or social life due to the pandemic restrictions, spending more time with my senior cat. And that adds joy to my blessed life and I am grateful for this.

    Keep safe everyone!
    Anne and Marley

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